Why Your Leads Love Data Enhancement (Even If They Don’t Know About It)

Why Your Leads Love Data Enhancement (Even If They Don’t Know About It)

Everyone appreciates convenience. Forms that auto-complete, plug-and-play apps, and subscriptions that automatically renew are just a few examples of ways technology can make life a little easier every day. Data enhancement also makes interacting with you easier in ways your leads may not see – but they definitely appreciate the effects of it.

No Wasted Effort

It feels good to know you’re talking with someone who is on your same wavelength. Data enhancement helps you tune to that wavelength for each of your leads, letting you get to know them better without their having to expend effort to tell you about themselves. Every piece of information you learn from data enhancement is something you don’t have to ask your leads to tell you. If your lead has given you a name, job title, and email address, for example, data enhancement can use that information to tell you more about the organization’s size and geographical location. Knowing that information, you can then send email and serve ads that align with that lead’s interests.

Anticipating Needs

When you know your leads better, you’re better able to understand their concerns and meet their needs. The information supplied in data append carries a wealth of insight about your leads, giving you new opportunities to serve them the right content on the right channels at the right time. Effective lead nurture programs depend on having enough information about potential customers to guide them through the buying journey, not just go along for the ride. Data enhancement plays a key role in putting you in the driver’s seat.

Increased Relevance

To compete against a rising tide of marketing messages all clamoring for your leads’ attention, you can do one of two things: shout louder, or say something worth hearing. We already know the first option doesn’t work terribly well; even if it did, getting your prospects’ attention and keeping it are two different matters. Relevance is essential to being heard long enough to make a meaningful impact. With your greater knowledge of your leads through data enrichment, you can tailor your approach to your audience so precisely that they feel you’re talking directly to them and bearing a message that solves their specific problem.

Seamless Integration

Most of the time, your leads won’t even notice the way you’ve implemented data enhancement processes. They’ll just see the effects of it. From the perspective of your leads, you’ve just gotten better at communicating with them. You’re suddenly listening more closely and becoming more responsive but not in an obtrusive way. That’s a good thing; when you’re doing data enhancement right, it’s practically invisible. Leads benefit from it, but they don’t see the inner workings.

Leads will appreciate having fewer blanks to fill out in forms and receiving more relevant messages even if they don’t notice the changes. Meanwhile, you’ll appreciate how data enhancement increases response rates. It’s a win for everyone.

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