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Full Service Email Marketing

Although search marketing is currently the hot form of marketing, and traditional media practices still have a solid niche, email marketing continues to drive impressive results and is arguably the most profitable means of marketing.

Studies show that email marketing attracts more business, thereby creating more opportunities and generating a better return on investment. When your organization uses strategic email marketing programs, you can create deeper relationships with a wide targeted audience to attract and nurture new prospects and keep existing customers interested.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Let’s take a look here at five of the primary advantages of using email marketing strategies:

  1. Reach More Recipients with a Universal Platform – While most businesses have social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the majority of your contacts still use email as their primary method of communication and marketers say email is their most effective channel in generating revenue.
  2. Gain Ability to Target Audiences – The days of “spray and pray” advertising are over. Marketers can no longer get away with just sending out a general message and hoping it hits the mark. With email, the audience you target should receive content that’s tailored to address their specific pain points and suggest tempting solutions.
  3. Achieve Desirable Scale of Distribution – A major advantage email has over all other channels when it comes to prospecting is the cost-effectiveness and speed of sending a message to a large group of people at once while maintaining a sense of personalization.
  4. Keep Trackable Records of Correspondence – Email is a great way for you to collect digital records of all correspondence with your business contacts. They help you cut down on outdated paper filing systems and are easily searchable for quick reference.
  5. Increase Brand Awareness – Each time you send an email, you’re giving prospects and customers exposure and insight to your brand. When you incorporate smart design, helpful content and on-point strategies, you’ll consistently engage with your target and build value for your organization.

As you can see from the list above, the importance of including email campaigns in your marketing mix is a given. However, if you want to survive in today’s increasingly competitive digital marketing atmosphere, you must go further and embrace email automation.

Understanding Email Deliverability and Why It’s Crucial for Your Success

As we’ve seen so far, email marketing is a highly effective tool that plays a key role in attracting customers and moving them through the buyer’s journey. The problem is that you can only achieve that goal if the emails you send actually reach their inboxes and inspire prospects to take action.

“Deliverability” refers to the percentage of emails you send that land in the inboxes of your intended recipients. Your email-sending IP reputation is critical to your email marketing success as it directly affects deliverability. Even one innocent misstep can be disastrous for your sending reputation and your brand.

When it comes to deliverability, engagement and email accuracy are the top factors used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to determine if your email should be routed to your target’s inbox, or blocked prior to delivery, or sent directly into the dreaded spam folder. In other words, the more accurate and engaged your recipients are (which shows that you have a high-quality list), the better you’ll be treated by the ISPs.

5 Ways to Optimize Content for Better Deliverability

There are specific steps you can take to optimize the content you share, improve engagement, and bypass spam filters to ensure email deliverability.

Although there are many regulations governing deliverability (see more below), particularly emails intended for Europe or Canada, here are 5 important best practices that will help your valuable content land in inboxes no matter where you’re sending them:

  1. Use email best practices like having a dedicated IP address, making subject lines interesting, keeping messages short, and including calls-to-action.
  2. Clean your data ̶  with so many inexpensive data-cleansing services available today, there is really no reason to have undeliverable or spam-trap records in your database.
  3. Segment your mailing lists to improve your ability to deliver content that pertains to where recipients are in the sales funnel, and to increase customer engagement and conversion rates.
  4. Use responsive design to ensure your emails and content perform well on smart phones and tablets, as well as desktops.
  5. Steer clear of “spammy” language when creating content by avoiding things like the use of all caps, too many exclamation points, and repetitively using words such as “cheap” or “unbelievable”.

Email Marketing Laws and Regulations

All the email laws and regulations marketers are required to know and follow can be the stuff of nightmares, yet they’re critical to understand so you can be successful and avoid negative consequences.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, the basics include:

  • Including your postal address
  • Avoiding the use of misleading header information
  • Offering a way to opt-out of receiving future emails from you
  • Promptly honoring any opt-out requests you receive.

As you can see, effective email marketers must manage many important factors including authentication, list-management, content creation, and an understanding of regulations to clear the obstacles and land safely in the desired inboxes.

Why You Need a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency STAT

Email Marketing Campaign Consultants

If the information above has left your head spinning, you aren’t alone. Many marketers discover that managing email marketing campaigns can be very complicated and fraught with danger, particularly when it comes to complying with strict deliverability standards and regulations. It may be time to call in the experts to help you keep your brand out of trouble and help you deliver your powerful messaging straight to the inbox while maximizing the potential of this critical marketing channel.

When you hire a full-service email marketing agency, the experienced and highly qualified team can help you get more subscribers, increase deliverability, improve engagement, and integrate cross-channel marketing efforts to maximize your reach and return.

It’s a worthwhile investment to have a knowledgeable, professional team in your corner that can help turn the complicated chore of customer emailing into a simple, reliable, effective means of helping you attract new business and increase your company’s bottom line, all while ensuring your company is following strict deliverability and email-optimization best practices.

What a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency Can Do for You

There is a distinct difference between email marketing and exceptional email marketing. Think about it in terms of cooking… anybody can cook, but there’s a vast difference in the outcome when a seasoned professional chef prepares the meals. When you choose an experienced email marketing agency, you’ll take the burden of email marketing off your plate and maximize your return on this precious resource.

Here’s how a professional, experienced email marketing agency can help:

  • Accurate Contacts – Let the experts run all of your contact records through a rigorous verification enrichment process, then add key demographic and firmographic data elements to improve the quality of your records.
  • Segmentation Depth – By dividing your potential customers into groups based on their interests and where they are in the buyer’s journey, you can significantly multiply clicks, and achieve higher deliverability. Additionally, they can help you choose other filters such as your recipients’ similar interests, needs, locations and more.
  • Killer Creative – Good email marketing starts with the content you’re sharing with your subscribers, so get the help you need to understand precisely what it takes to make every email stand out, generate interest, tempt with offers, deliver urgency and generate results.
  • Strong Deliverability – The complexity of email deliverability can be daunting, so choose a service that uses a deployment engine to provide dedicated structure for each client and assesses every campaign prior to deployment to ensure they pass all filters and optimization checks. With this advantage, you’ll achieve the best possible in-box penetration rates.
  • Landing Page Effectiveness – Creating well-designed pages takes time, effort, and highly specific expertise but it’s the key to improving conversion after the email click. Email marketing pros are automation experts and will incorporate key practices for creating landing pages that convert your website visitors into valuable leads.
  • Performance Reporting – Actionable insights drive business success. It’s one thing to produce a report, but you also need to analyze it and put action items in place to improve campaigns and results. You want to work with email experts who can connect the dots between deliverability reports and web reporting to help you develop actionable insights from every campaign.


No matter what aspect of email marketing you need help with – campaign deployment and production, email design and coding, personalization, landing pages, you name it – choose a proven email marketing agency to help ensure optimal results before, after and continuously throughout every email campaign.

Let the master email chefs at Reach Marketing cook up some spectacular results with our award-winning email marketing team today!

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