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Using Webinars to Drive Lead Generation

Webinars excel at establishing your organization’s thought leadership position, and engaging them on a deeper level than other content, but its value is diminished significantly if you don’t make a strong effort to nurture those leads into new customers. Marketing automation plays an essential role in optimizing webinars as lead generation tools, orchestrating the pre-planning and post-webinar phases to drive more and better-qualified leads through your nurture program.Download Now

Account-Based Marketing from Theory to Practice

Discover the next step in the evolution of targeted, marketing – account-based marketing. When you target key accounts with the power to influence enterprise-level buying decisions, ABM refines and distills marketing to its purest form. Take nurturing to the next level with a focused approach on the key organizations that can generate the revenue you need to move the needle forward. Download Now

Pinpointing the Source of Success with Attribution

Where does your success come from, and how can you find more of it? The answers lie in proper attribution, the process of assigning real value to everything your marketing team does to produce results. When you know how every touch is working, you know how to repeat your successes and build on them with more effective campaigns. Download Now

Data Science Capability Maturity:A Self-Assessment

Discover self-assessment tools to identify where your organization is in its journey from gathering and organizing data to building a responsive, agile data-driven marketing intelligence system that sees the curves in the road ahead. Download Now

Developing Your Data Management Playbook

Your businesses success hinges on your ability to engage with your target audience. The key to high engagement levels falls on your ability to deliver relevant content to each prospect and/or customer at the precise moment that it’s interesting to them. This personalization is only possible if your database is centralized, normalized and producing the necessary actionable insights. Download Now

The Fundamentals of Lead Scoring

If you’re not scoring your leads, you’re not running an efficient sales and marketing program. Years ago you could afford to send every lead to your vast sales team but that just doesn’t work anymore. Today the prospect is firmly in control of the sales process. They indicate when your sales team should engage with them by their actions, and if you’re not listening, you will either irritate them by calling too early and often or miss the opportunity by not connecting with them in time. Download Now

House Cleaning: Data Hygiene, Data Integrity, Data Enhancement

A painter needs a clean canvas. A chef needs a clean kitchen. Your creative team also needs to work in a cleanspace, and that comes from good data hygiene. Download Now

Marketing Automation: The Next Generation In Revenue

Modern marketing has become increasingly complex, and without a system to keep your strategy on track, you could be left behind. From fine-tuning your lead generation process to coordinating your content, marketing automation streamlines campaigns and lets your marketing team focus on developing killer copy. Download Now

2015 Marketing Automation Industry Report

Leverage this technology and gain a systematic advantage over your competitors to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth.Download Now

Optimizing Social Media for B2B Marketing

Social media has transformed the way marketers do business, but B2B companies often fail to capitalize on its promise. This white paper dispels the myth that social media has little to offer business-to-business marketing and gives a comprehensive overview of how to use today’s top social media channels effectively.Download Now

Using Email to Refine Your Marketing Strategy: 25 Email Elements to Test

How do you know when your email marketing strategy is doing its job and maximizing response rates? If you aren’t using multivariate testing, you don’t – but that’s easy to change. Find out why A/B Testing is still one of the most powerful tools you have to focus and perfect your email marketing campaigns. With more than two dozen key variables to test and valuable information about how to interpret results, our white paper can make your next email your best campaign.Download Now

The Top 8 SEO Essentials What Your Site Needs to Succeed

With over 100 billion searches every month, SEO is your key to ranking 1st on those search results. With this white paper, you will learn the eight most important elements for building and maintaining a successful site that search engines notice. Be where your next customers can find you…ahead of your competitors.Download Now

7 Keys to Email Creative

Email reaches billions of potential customers every day, but how do you stand out from the crowd and send your open rates soaring? Discover the seven principles of killer email creative and find out how the psychology of choice influences your prospects’ decisions to open and respond to your email. With these seven powerful keys, your message cuts through the noise and rockets to the top of your prospects’ must-read list.Download Now

Understanding the IOU Principle: 3 Critical Keys to Email Success

Email remains one of the most cost-effective ways to reach new prospects and connect with your market, but are you maximizing the power of this vital tool? With the IOU Principle, discover how to generate interest in your message, make offers that excite your prospects and create the sense of urgency that inspires them to act.Download Now

These Numbers Never Lie: Ten Key Figures Email Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore

Marketing is both an art and a science, this is profoundly true with email marketing – results are immediate, the campaigns are frequent and the numbers behind the email are what tell the story. In this white paper, you will learn how ten important metrics influence email marketing performance.Download Now

Essentials of Multichannel Marketing

In today’s business climate, when it’s a challenge to grow profit and return on investment, the most effective campaigns rely on multichannel marketing. First impressions mean everything, especially in business marketing, but they have to be sustained. Your message should be reinforced – many times, and in multiple channels – until the decision maker you want to influence sees you as a recognizable brand.Download Now

Making Direct Mail Work for B2B

The impact direct mail makes on your prospects is second to none. It cuts through the clutter and makes an immediate and long lasting impression. Today direct mail is personalized, reinforces your online message, and legitimizes your brand in an extremely competitive space…your prospect’s attention. Download Now

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