What is Hot in B2B Marketing for 2012

In this novel world of instant communication, passive marketing methods are taking a backseat to direct customer interaction strategies. Although many people are pointing to the platforms as the problem, the real obstacle is leveraging the medium with the right message. Deteriorating budgets will require marketers to make difficult decisions this coming year about which platforms deserve attention. The answer driving every decision should be, “The platform that provides the most direct, efficient and cost-effective engagement with customers.”

Dynamic Storytelling

Dynamic storytelling will be the biggest buzzword in 2012 across all direct marketing channels. Google updates, combined with a deeper need to connect with potential customers, are driving the storytelling platform, which requires original, compelling, shareable content that is not marginalized or diluted. Direct Marketing News offers a few tips on how to collect and use personal information.

Email Marketing

Marketers who find a way to make email personal again will achieve the most success with their email marketing campaigns. With the integration of HTML 5 video into tablets as well as recent updates of Hotmail, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox, this next-generation medium can now be delivered directly to the inbox.

Mobile Marketing

With mobile apps generating triple-digit growth in 2011, everyone from Coca Cola to CBS to Chili’s is expanding their mobile marketing efforts. Consumers expect instant access at any time. If you are not there to supply the information, your competitor will be. The hottest trends in the B2B arena will involve location-based and event-based marketing.

Database Marketing

The emphasis in data marketing this year will be placed on quality, not quantity. The 2012 Benchmark Report found that 25 percent more marketers plan to focus on generating quality leads that have high conversion potential instead of amassing a high volume of leads. Since many marketers are struggling with how to integrate and garner meaning from online and offline data sources, expect innovative solutions this year in analytics.

Social Media

The B2B industry has slowly embraced the social media world, but B2B buyers are still consumers who crave interaction with the companies they choose to partner with. Building friendly relationships with vendors is just as important as establishing a rapport with customers, so content must be engaging, relevant and useful to the reader.

Postal Marketing

Despite the looming collapse of the USPS system, direct marketers appear hopeful about the future of postal marketing. A rate increase will likely yield more highly targeted mailings, while enterprising marketers will capitalize on the reduced bulk mailing rates during this summer’s QR Codes campaign.

B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budget and Trends offers several strategies marketers should be aware of in the coming year.

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