Using Data Enhancement to Build Bigger (and Better) Campaigns

Using Data Enhancement to Build Bigger (and Better) Campaigns

Depending on your industry, your busiest season might account for half your annual revenue or more. In other markets, you could see multiple peaks in interest throughout the year. Or maybe you don’t have sudden spikes in growth yet and are looking for ways to lift off from a marketing plateau with a killer campaign. Whether you depend on seasonal business or manage multiple marketing campaigns, data enhancement could help you prepare for a major influx of new leads.

Get Your Data Straight

Your marketing campaign is only as effective as the quality of the data that fuels it. Data enhancement processes include data hygiene improvements such as email verification, change-of-address updates, and phone number verification.

Extend Your Reach

To build a bigger and better campaign, you need a larger audience. Find it through list management services that plug you into a far larger audience than your in-house list and inbound marketing strategies could manage alone. Well-maintained and segmented lists let you focus on the audiences that are most receptive to you, while database marketing tools allow you to predict which markets are best for you. Data enhancement makes these lists even more valuable by giving you multiple ways in which to reach your new audience.

Make It Multi-Channel

The data you already have gives you a handful of ways to connect with and become more relevant to your leads, but data enhancement acts as a force multiplier. With it, you’re able to build a complete customer experience for each lead, including personalized email, compelling calls to action, custom landing pages, and content streams designed to meet each prospect’s needs. Think of it as taking your message from a mono-channel broadcast to full-on surround sound with a tailor-made narrative. Audiences respond to a more engaging message, making the most of both your house list and those you’ve acquired through a list management partner.

Connect the Dots with Data

Data in isolation isn’t anywhere near as powerful as interconnected knowledge. Data enhancement services link the data you already have with knowledge you need about your potential customers. Let’s say you have names, company names, and email addresses on a pair of leads who initially look equally promising based on their behavior on your website. Data enrichment reveals some differences, though; one prospect has buying authority within a company that fits perfectly within your sweet spot for annual revenue and industry type, while the other works for a larger firm and has little buying authority. With this new information, you’re able to focus your attention on the most promising lead while channeling the other into a nurture program that could put you in contact with a decision-maker in the large company.

Create Multiple Pathways

When you hear the term “buying journey,” it’s tempting to think of it as a single epic trek like Frodo’s journey in “Lord of the Rings.” In actuality, it’s a network of pathways different customers will take to reach a buying decision. Leads don’t start their journeys in the same place. They don’t take the same routes, and they may not all arrive at the same destination. To accommodate all of them on multiple buying journeys, you need to know what each lead needs. That’s where data enhancement comes in. Use your deeper knowledge of your leads to set up triggered email cascades and nurture flows that make sense for that specific prospect. With data enhancement, you’re able to act as a guide for each lead, being in multiple places at once – something not even Gandalf could do.

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