Time to Grow Your B2B List

If you clearly establish your goals, list growth will come.

If it’s time to generate more top-line revenue, then it’s time to grow your list. It should be done methodically, using tried-and-true direct marketing methods.

First, outline your goals. Are you looking for quantity or quality? Are you seeking prospects or immediate customers?

If it’s quantity you want, you might be tempted to try social media, but you could end up with a glut of unqualified names. The best channels for generating customers are the traditional direct marketing ones. You’ll get more meaningful data, and you’ll have greater control.

Start by profiling your existing customer file. Match it against a comprehensive B2B database, and overlay firmographic data like SIC and employee size, and individual details like text title. Once you’ve created your customer footprint, you are in the best position to acquire new customers.

Next, prospect through the traditional channels—direct mail, email and telemarketing. You’ll generate higher conversion rates when you use them together. And you’ll learn more about potential buyers—for example, how they like to respond. If it’s postal, send an email to trigger response to a direct mail piece. These insights (and others) can be used when the prospects become customers.

Here are some additional tips:

• Improve your ROI by negotiating multi-use volume deals.

• Don’t drill down in a list to the point where there are no prospects.

• Stop mailing unresponsive names.

• Remember the IOU formula: Your copy should generate interest, offer a deal and deliver a sense of urgency.

Yet another way to build your list is through lead generation. Do you have a digital content library made up of white papers, ebooks, webcasts and analysts’ reports? Syndicate it through web sites and newsletters, and through B2B co-registration networks. Prospects can be qualified with a couple of simple questions.

There are many tactics to consider. But you can reach your goals if you follow these fundamental suggestions:

• Plan ahead.

• Set reasonable goals.

• Understand the anticipated ROI.

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