The Power of Online Local Lead Gen

The Power of Online Local Lead Gen

Online lead generation gives you global reach, yet it’s also one of the best ways to localize, demonstrating your value to the prospects in your own region. Combined with local and regional lead gen activities, mobile and internet channels amplify your brand’s signal to the prospects who matter most to your business. Going online also makes your lead gen effortlessly scalable, allowing you to expand your reach as the definition of “local” changes with your organization’s growth.

Here’s what online lead gen can mean for your business. Whether you’re part of a promising start-up or with an organization in its prime that’s looking for greater saturation at the regional level, you’ll get good results from taking a localized approach to online lead gen.

Economical Lead Gen

It’s no secret that email and social media are some of the most cost-effective channels available for marketers, but not everyone realizes just how large the gap between online and offline costs per lead can be. For top-of-funnel marketing, online lead gen is especially economical, reaching a large number of leads who are just beginning their buying journey via channels that require relatively small initial investments.

Screening Your Audience

When it comes to localization, your target market will largely screen itself online. Think about the last time you used Google to search for a product or service in your area. If you typed in your request, you probably included your city or ZIP code as part of your search string. If you used your phone, chances are Google already did the localization for you, synching location data with results to return regional listings. Posts that mention your company’s location will be prioritized in local leads’ searches, so building localization into your blog and social media channels also helps your audience self-select.

Better Targeting Means Higher Response Rates

Where many online lead gen strategies stumble is in assuming that content doesn’t need to be localized and customized. Customization does take a greater initial investment in time and effort than a general email blast, but it’s a proven lead generation booster. Prospects respond to email and social media calls to action that resonate with them, and going local is an excellent way to accomplish it. It’s simpler to manage customization now with marketing automation and marketing professionals who know how to use the technology.

Rapid Turnaround

Nothing beats the speed of online lead gen. Email is virtually instantaneous, and SEO/SEM puts your name in front of leads within a fraction of a second. The speed with which you can reach your leads is only half of the equation; the other is how quickly you get a response and gather information. As soon as prospects open an email, click through to a landing page, or sign up for your newsletter, they’re opening a window into their organization’s needs so you can provide solutions quickly. By speeding up the rate at which leads enter and traverse your sales funnel, you’re able to generate more business in a set time frame.

Your reach may be global, but your most relevant leads are local. Put the focus on them by localizing and customizing your online lead gen.

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