The Event Horizon: How Events Can Make Your Lead Gen Soar

The Event Horizon: How Events Can Make Your Lead Gen Soar

When was the last time you hosted a party? Whether it’s been a week or a while, you know the power a gala event has to bring people together and forge new connections. Professional events are just as exciting. From trade shows to webinars, hosted events give you powerful new lead gen opportunities and revitalize your other marketing channels. Make live events an essential component of your next marketing campaign, and you’ll see your high-value lead count soar.


Let’s go back to that party you threw. Chances are, you either invited some guests because you’d previously attended one of their events or got invitations to future activities because you hosted such a great party yourself. Reciprocity is a potent tool for marketers. When you invite leads to live events, whether in person or online, you’re giving them something valuable – and they’re more likely to give you something of value in return. When you host your event, offer something lasting, such as a free e-book or access to other webinars in a series, and you’ll multiply the effectiveness of reciprocity.


Events give you a great reason to reach out to leads, former customers, and even the press. Hosting a launch, product demonstration, or trade show activity is something leads can get excited about, and excited leads are active leads. Adding an event to your calendar reinvigorates your email marketing activity by building in something to talk about for weeks. With an event lined up, you can feature an introductory email, special offers, reminder emails, thank you letters, and more, each of which is another opportunity for your leads to respond or refer.

Meaningful Attention

In a crowded in-box, even the most relevant messages sometimes need help standing out from the crowd. Events take place in a less crowded venue; if you’re one of the few companies in your industry hosting or attending them, you immediately capture a huge share of your audience’s attention because you aren’t facing as much competition. Between sending out more newsworthy, compelling emails and taking ownership of channels your rivals have neglected, you earn an even greater share of your leads’ attention.

Data Collection

The people who attend your event are just part of the bigger picture; you also get a wealth of data on leads who are interested but later decide not to attend. Typically, sign-ups for events outpace attendance by 20 to 50 percent, depending on the venue and industry. That’s a significant segment of your audience about which you can gather detailed data. During and after the event, you also get important feedback from attendees that can help shape your next event into an even bigger success.

Lasting Connections

In a largely digital environment, leads have gotten used to somewhat impersonal relationships with the companies that do business with them. An event lets you break away from the pack, come forward, and present your organization’s personal side. Becoming the face of your company, either on the screen in a webinar or in person at a launch event or demonstration, goes a long way toward establishing your company as more than a logo on a screen. Where they’ve forged a connection, leads are more likely to maintain that cordial relationship over time.

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