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In an economy that is increasingly built on ingenuity and creativity, HR is a growth industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics bears that out, citing human resources and related occupations as having a faster than average expected growth rate for at least the next decade. The HR professionals who make up this burgeoning industry, including HR directors, hiring administrators, trainers, consultants, C-level executives, benefits administrators, and career counselors, constitute an active and engaged audience for B2B opportunities. Reach Marketing has collected over 4 million postal addresses, 2.8 million phone numbers, and 1.7 million email addresses to offer you the ReachBase HR/Human Resources and Training Professionals Mailing List.

As part of ReachBase, the largest and most comprehensive database in the marketing sector, the HR/Human Resources and Training Professionals Mailing List includes information about high-level influencers across a wide spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, engineering, sales, and more. The common link between these professionals is their drive to find and keep top talent for their firms, and they welcome offers related to helping them achieve these goals.

The ReachBase HR/Human Resources and Training Professionals Mailing List is highly selectable, allowing you to connect with the industry leaders on it based on industry type, location, business size, sales volume, job function, job title, and more. Through segmentation, you’re able to pinpoint the audiences among this group of influential professionals that will be most responsive to your offers.

Human resources directors and other HR professionals know they need to offer competitive benefits to attract and retain their rock-star talent. They’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance the value of benefits they offer and improve their organizations’ return on investments in personnel. They respond to offers related to insurance, financial planning services, corporate gifting, and other ways to enhance talent acquisition and retention.

The thought leaders who make up the ReachBase HR/Human Resources and Training Professionals Mailing List prioritize education not only for themselves but for their personnel. They may be in charge of training and certification for employees and seek the best possible means of developing an educated, highly-trained work force. They’re interested in offers related to certification courses, distance learning, regional on-campus learning opportunities, and training materials that can help their employees excel. They also further their own education with webinars, seminars, and conferences; invitations to these events get their attention.

Technology has become an integral part of HR and training, and the professionals who comprise this comprehensive database use technology daily. Offer them new ways to assess talent, monitor employee growth, and maintain the security of sensitive employee data, and you touch on some of their highest priorities. This tech-savvy audience also welcomes offers related to technology inside and outside the workplace, including data plans, mobile apps, and productivity software.

Discover more about the ReachBase HR/Human Resources and Training Professionals Mailing List and the HR leaders who are part of it when you call today and talk with one of our list management team.

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