Taking Advantage of Seasonal Lead Gen Opportunities

Taking Advantage of Seasonal Lead Gen Opportunities

Seasonal business is for more than just seaside restaurants and card shops. B2B businesses also see seasonal ebbs and flows in their industry. From construction companies to healthcare providers, seasonal needs change – and so should your lead generation strategy. With some attention to the unique lead gen opportunities each seasonal shift brings, you can boost business during traditionally slower times and raise peak traffic even higher.

Seasonal Content

Your sales history provides a wealth of data about seasonal shifts in your industry. Integrate that knowledge with your content marketing strategy and give yourself enough lead time to take advantage of swells in traffic, and you’ll see your lead gen activities pay dividends right away. Don’t overlook traditionally slow periods, either; find what motivates customers then, and you’re on your way to finding others who might have similar needs you can fill. For example, a company that offers HVAC services might see a slowdown in the spring and fall as temperatures become more comfortable, but that may be the ideal time to generate content about sick building syndrome, air filtration, or maintenance checklists for the coming season.

SEO for Every Season

While some SEO content is evergreen – that is, it draws traffic in every season – other items are highly time-sensitive. Google and other search engines pay more attention to sites that regularly update, including blogs and landing pages. Slower seasons are ideal for focusing on secondary or ancillary keywords to capture more mind-share with audiences that are on the periphery of your primary market. A wholesaler of commercial patio furniture, for instance, might see a decline in organic traffic during the fall and winter, but that could be exactly the right time to talk about space heating solutions to hotels and restaurants that want to extend their outdoor hours into the cooler months.

Social Media Relevance

No other channel is as agile as social media. With it, you can connect with your audience in real time and offer what they’re looking for when it’s fresh in their minds. Let’s go back to that furniture wholesaler. A rainy week could be the perfect opportunity to showcase waterproof furniture. For a medical supplies manufacturer, a sudden up-tick in cold and flu cases are an occasion to remind area clinics to stock up on gloves, tissues, and soap. These links to what’s going on right this moment allow you to stay topical and provide value while giving your social media statements far greater shareability.

Paid Search Opportunities

Paid search is a better investment when your listings appear at the right time of year. What’s the right time for your message? Historical data will give you a good indication, but you have two possibilities:

  • Lead the pack: Take advantage of seasonal peaks and get your message out just before the rush starts so you can beat your competitors to the top. Ad rates could be higher during this time, but your ROI also has the potential to be great.
  • Create your niche: Some companies find success by focusing on less explored seasonal markets. What seasonal needs could you tap into that you and your competitors haven’t yet spotted?

Seasonal marketing isn’t just for retailers preparing for Black Friday. Many B2B organizations also benefit from seasonal lead gen, so pay attention to what your leads want to know now to attract their interest.

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