Taking a Lead Gen Lesson from the Brownies

Taking a Lead Gen Lesson from the Brownies

Whether you’ve been a Brownie or just bought Girl Scout cookies from one, you might know one of their songs: “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other’s gold.” It’s a good philosophy for marketers to adopt too, especially when it comes to balancing lead acquisition with nurture programs in your lead generation strategy. Both are vital to your organization’s success, but carefully nurtured leads represent an investment – one that these cared-for prospects are likely to repay at the business end of the sales funnel.

Here’s why it’s so important to take care of your leads once you’ve established contact with them.

Nurtured Leads Make Better Customers

The foundation you build now through lead nurture programs doesn’t end with the initial sale. When new customers are more educated about the products and services you offer throughout their buying journey, they’re better able to see the value in the cross-selling and up-selling offers you bring them. They’re knowledgeable and confident in their buying decisions, and that confidence extends to later buys too. They also have greater trust in you and your product line because they’ve seen throughout the lead nurture process how everything works. Nurtured leads typically lead to larger sales – an average of 47 percent larger, according to research from the Annuitas Group.

Lead Nurture Programs Are Economical

What drives cost per lead calculations lower? One way is to earn more; with 47 percent higher sales, that’s a good start on that side of things. The other half of the equation is to spend less, and automation-assisted lead nurture programs can help. You’re able to use technology to score and channel valuable leads as they enter your sales funnel while avoiding wasted effort on visitors who are not viable prospects, such as competitors visiting your site.

Nurtured Leads Share Their Knowledge

People love to share what they’re enthusiastic about; when you nurture leads with relevant content, timely communication, and attentive service, you become a source of enthusiasm. Your most promising leads can become your best referrers, especially if you introduce them to a sizeable content library they can use to introduce to colleagues or influence decision-makers higher up the chain of command in their own organizations. You can’t buy great word-of-mouth marketing, but you can make it likelier to happen by nurturing your leads.

Lead Nurturing Drives Content

Once you have your leads interested, you need to do more to hold their interest. In finding out what motivates prospects to become buyers, your own content creation team becomes better attuned to what leads need to know to make key decisions. By showing you where traffic patterns, downloads, and email opens demonstrate higher interest, your leads illustrate how https://www.reachmarketing.com/wp-admin/edit.phpthey navigate your sales pipeline. Let them lead you, and you’ll soon have a content marketing program that encourages others to follow the same paths on their own buying journeys.

Your newest visitors are silver, but successful lead generation programs turn them to gold. Seems like the Brownies know a thing or two about business beyond how to move more Thin Mints.

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