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Whether you’re an early adopter of marketing automation or new to the technology, your system will benefit from a health check. We’ll perform a series of diagnostics to assess overall performance and feature utilization. With a thorough audit of your MAP, our marketing automation consultants will make recommendations that will send engagement soaring and improve your ROI. Let our team help you make the most of marketing automation technology with:

Overall system health assessment:

Your MAP governs everything from data quality to landing page loading times. We’ll run a battery of tests to make sure your software’s performing at or above its benchmarks.

Email marketing review:

We look at deliverability, open rates, conversions, and other KPIs to gain insight into how well your email marketing program is working for you. We’ll also assess technical configurations to spot problems with DNS and tracking to arrive at an overall reputation score.

Database profile:

The quality and quantity of your data influence everything from market segmentation to effective customization. That’s why we offer a comprehensive assessment of your database including duplication identification and field population.

Campaign assessment:

Your past campaigns are your library, and by studying them together, we learn where your strengths and challenges lie.

Recommendations for success:

Using the knowledge we gather during our health check and an overview of your organization’s specific goals, we prepare a full report featuring actionable insights and a detailed roadmap for optimization.

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