From Marketing Automation to Marketing A.I. 2016-06-03T15:02:34+00:00

Much of human history has been about developing better and more efficient tools. A.I. is designed to do the same thing for the mind that tools do for the body, improving our ability to see relationships, coordinate communications, spot opportunities, and assess risks. Marketing automation acts as such an effective force multiplier for your marketing efforts that it’s useful to look at the combination of your marketing team’s ingenuity and a marketing automation system (MAS) as the first steps toward a complete A.I.

Marketing A.I. perceives its environment and automatically triggers actions that maximize your company’s best chances for success.

Marketing automation provides you with a complete, integrated, intelligent user interface that unifies your marketing, from lead generation to content coordination to analytics. It nurtures your prospects with the right information delivered at the right time and increases the speed at which qualified prospects convert into profitable customers.

Implemented correctly, your Marketing A.I. adapts and creates ever improving revenue performance by learning the processes, campaigns, content channels, and timing that increase success.

In the past it would have been impossible to know the sequence or combination of marketing materials that successfully converted a prospect into a customer. The Internet has provided a critical intelligence capability that allows computers to track and analyze both anonymous and known prospects’ behavior — how they found your company, the web pages they’re viewing, what’s resonating and what they respond to — even before your sales team knows its leads’ names. The data that your AI uses to gain knowledge comes in at lightning-fast speed, and it goes through the process far more quickly than any human mind can.

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