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With more than 4 million miles of road in the U.S., according to the National Bureau of Transportation, the people who design, build and maintain those roads play a vital role in keeping the country moving. Infrastructure maintenance is one of the most important issues federal, state and local government offices face. Subscribers to Roads & Bridges magazine are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. They include transportation engineers, civil engineers, city planners, crew managers, equipment buyers, contractors and other influential decision-makers.

For 108 years, Roads & Bridges  has kept professionals in the transportation and infrastructure maintenance sector informed with news features, in-depth articles, opinion pieces, polls and webinars. The magazine has gone digital and now reaches an audience of more than 115,000 subscribers across its print and online versions. The Roads & Roads-and-Bridges-MagazinesBridges Subscriber Business Mailing List is one of the Scranton Gillette suite of industry journals and professional publications that Reach Marketing manages.

Because the subscriber base of Roads & Bridges is diverse, Reach has segmented the group into select audiences based on industry, job title, buying authority, work type and location. By addressing their content to a more specific, focused audiences, companies that work from this subscriber-based list generally get high response rates.

Subscribers to Roads & Bridges often have degrees in STEM fields with an emphasis on engineering. The consultants and public officials who oversee infrastructure construction and maintenance may also have degrees in business administration or law, making this subscriber base a highly educated one. These subscribers pay close attention to offers related to additional education, including online coursework, seminars, webinars, industry journals and newsletters.

Roads-and-Bridges-GraphIt should come as no surprise that the people who play a role in maintaining and protecting the country’s transportation infrastructure also enjoy traveling on it. Offers related to business and personal travel, accommodations, dining and tourism find an attentive audience among this subscriber base. Corporate travel offers, including frequent-guest plans and loyalty programs, also pique their interest.

B2B companies that sell construction equipment, personal safety gear, building materials, testing devices, work vehicles and other transportation industry-adjacent products will find their audience within this subscriber base.

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