Do you know what delights your customers and keeps them loyal to you? You’ve probably invested countless hours and a big part of your marketing budget to discovering the answer. That’s the heart of customer retention – the art and science of keeping your customers coming back for more.

It may seem counterintuitive, but just being outstanding is not enough to retain your customers. Even if what you offer is phenomenal, without powerful customer retention tools and techniques, you risk losing revenue and potentially your customer forever. Acquiring new customers who have the same value to your company as your existing customers costs you, and not just in profits; it can take years to build a new relationship. Losing just a few of your historical customers could diminish your company’s viability; losing many can be disastrous.

The good news is that even a small increase in customer retention pays huge dividends. Studies suggest that boosting your retention rate by even 5 percent could net a 75 to 100 percent increase in profitability over the course of that working relationship. Through loyalty programs, dynamic populated offers, triggered campaigns, relationship marketing and highly detailed analysis of your customers’ past and present behavior, Reach Marketing will help you build a solid bond with your clientele.

Until you know your customers thoroughly and remain actively engaged with them, retention will always be a struggle. Realize a far greater return on your customer retention campaign when you:

  • Locate the customers you most want to keep
  • Use business intelligence to keep your customers actively engaged
  • Reach your customers through multiple channels

Our customer retention services include: