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Advertising is the business of influence, and Advertising Age magazine is the most influential industry journal for advertising and marketing professionals. The subscriber-based Advertising Age Group Masterfile from Reach Marketing contains the names and postal addresses of nearly 450,000 of these prime movers of marketing. This Masterfile connects you with some of the world’s most respected marketing and advertising moguls. Together, the Creativity Newsletter and Ad Age magazine help visionaries in advertising and marketing see beyond the horizon in their sector.

For 85 years, Crain Communications’ Ad Age has given advertising executives, corporate communications directors, marketing managers, media directors and buyers, analysts and researchers, brand managers, promotions directors, and other high-level decision makers the insight they need for success in a fiercely competitive sector. Over its lifetime, the magazine has broadened its scope from print and broadcasting media to digital media, data-driven marketing, and content marketing as it sets the pace for an industry built on creative change.

The professionals who comprise the Advertising Age Group Masterfile work in a tremendously competitive environment and are always seeking ways to gain an advantage over their rivals. Education gives them that edge. Give them what they want with offers related to continuing education; seminars and webinars; subscriptions to trade journals and newsletters; and tradeshows and conferences.

Technology is at the heart of marketing’s future, and the influential professionals of the Advertising Age Group Masterfile know it. They respond well to offers of mobile technology, hardware, and software that helps them grow professionally and personally. Many of the decision-makers who comprise this Masterfile are directly involved with the creative side of their industry, so they welcome ways to boost their creativity through education and technology. Productivity tools hit the sweet spot with these professionals as their tight schedules demand that they get the most from their own and their personnel’s efforts. They tend to be tech-savvy and also look for the latest high-tech equipment even when they’re off the clock.

Ad Age reaches an affluent audience of influential executives who are receptive to offers that appeal to their high-end tastes. Luxury travel and accommodations offers pique their interest. As many of them are frequent travelers, reward programs also get their attention. Their industry is an image-conscious one; offers that promise to make them look good with high-end office furniture and supplies appeal to marketing and advertising professionals.

Marketing is also a social profession, and the executives who make up the Advertising Age Group Masterfile look for ways to strengthen their professional connections. Help these decision-makers forge stronger social bonds with offers related to corporate gifting or concierge services.

Get connected with the global leaders in advertising and marketing with the Advertising Age Group Masterfile today.

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