All marketing databases are not created equal. Some are just collections of names and addresses, but others are highly responsive nerve centers that give users unparalleled insight into their audience.

ReachBase is a multi-sourced unduplicated database with unsurpassed penetration into every level of professional from key assistants to c-level executives, spanning every industry within companies of every size and at virtually every business location.

ReachBase comprises response records from mail order buyers, magazine and newsletter subscribers, seminar and conference/trade show attendees, and association memberships, as well as government directories and public sources.

As the most extensive, responsive, and accurate database in the industry, ReachBase combines the direct request individual data from response sources with the firmographic accuracy from compiled data.

Updated quarterly, every record in ReachBase is processed through our rigorous hygiene routine, and only the records that survive are served a permission message to receive third-party offers from our approved advertisers.

Our database communicates on a daily basis, and hard bounces and opt-outs are removed in real time, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. With each campaign, the recipient has the ability to opt out of this database dramatically improving the level of responsiveness and enhancing lead satisfaction.

With deeper, more complete data on over 72 million accounts, it’s the heart of our data-driven marketing solutions and the core of our MARKETING AI®. ReachBase is composed of data on some of the most important decision-makers in B2B sectors such as:

  • C-level executives
  • Business owners
  • Technology professionals
  • Financial directors and advisors
  • Architects, engineers, and scientists
  • Research and development leaders
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Independent contractors
  • Healthcare professionals
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Built on permission-based data from trusted third parties, the database is more than the sum of its parts, allowing you to see your audience in wholly new ways.

ReachBase lets you:

  • Lower acquisition costs for new prospects
  • Gain deep insight into your audience
  • Coordinate omni-channel marketing campaigns seamlessly
  • Improve customization and personalization with better prospect knowledge
  • Own a larger share of your target market
  • Eliminate wasted effort on inefficient lead generation
  • Develop clearer buyer personas

Reach for success with the largest, most responsive multi-sourced, multi-channel prospecting database available on the market today when you choose ReachBase for your data-driven marketing solutions.

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