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In this information-rich age, every workplace needs experts to upgrade and maintain the company’s technology. IT professionals, including CIOs, CTOs, technology consultants, engineers, and systems analysts, are in high demand across all sectors. The ReachBase IT and Technology Professionals Mailing List connects you to as many as 2.2 million of these influential executives and managers. With more than 2.1 million phone numbers and 1.7 million email addresses, this ReachBase list includes thought leaders in IT across a wide spectrum of industries.

ReachBase is the largest and most powerful database in the industry, allowing you to select your ideal audience according to industry, job title, company size, SIC code, geography, and more. The names and addresses that make up the ReachBase IT and Technology Professionals Mailing List include subscribers to IT publications from SourceMedia, Haymarket Media, NAPCO, SYS-CON Media, Crain Communications, and other top IT publishers. The list also includes attendees of conferences and seminars as well as mail order buyers.

To stay current in an ever-changing workplace, IT professionals must be voracious readers. Subscribers to some of the IT industry’s longest-running and most respected journals are part of this database, and they’re interested in learning more; they’re receptive to other magazine and journal subscription offers. Whether they want to sharpen a few skills themselves or get their work force trained, the IT leaders on the Base IT and Technology Professionals Mailing List want to know more about certification and ongoing education in their industry and are interested in offers that promise to teach them or their personnel something new in IT.

The members of this list aren’t just tech-savvy in the workplace; they also embrace consumer technology. Smartphones, productivity software, apps, and even games pique their interest. They’re also keenly interested in workplace solutions that help them and their staff maintain data security, stay connected, or upgrade software seamlessly. Most of this list’s members hold executive and managerial positions, so they’re also on the lookout for tools that streamline their team’s productivity.

Because it’s in such high demand, IT positions typically come with plenty of perks and discretionary income. CIOs and CTOs welcome offers related to investments and money management, banking, and other financial services. They also tend to be a mobile audience that travels frequently for business and leisure. Whether they have a weekend seminar planned or want to get away to a luxury destination, the IT professionals on this list look for travel offers that fit their needs.

Having clean, accurate data in your lists is important no matter who your audience members are, but when you’re talking to leaders in IT technology, proper data governance is paramount. ReachBase ensures the highest deliverability rate in the industry and lets you choose precisely the right segments to match your customer profiles. For more information about the ReachBase IT and Technology Professionals Mailing List or any of Reach Marketing’s lists, contact us today.

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