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Trade shows remain one of the best ways to connect with key decision-makers in person, particularly in the B2B sector. The Emerald Expositions Trade Show Attendees Mailing List offers unparalleled access to business owners, independent contractors, and key corporate and middle management professionals across a wide spectrum of industries. With nearly 2.7 million postal addresses, 1.35 million phone numbers, and 758,000 email addresses, this business mailing list is one of the largest in the industry, giving you the opportunity to contact these leaders directly.

Emerald Expositions produces and hosts more than 50 trade shows and conferences each year for professionals in construction, architecture, design, retail merchandising, clothing manufacturing, jewelry design, healthcare, and more. As a premier owner and operator of B2B events and tradeshows, Emerald Expositions also publishes numerous online periodicals, newsletters, and websites to keep business leaders moving toward their professional and personal goals. The Emerald Expositions Trade Show Attendees Mailing List is also highly segmented to align your offer more precisely. Choose selects by industry type, location, sales volume, and more.

The decision-makers who comprise the Emerald Expositions Trade Show Attendees Mailing List are part of a large and diverse group. They have a shared interest in learning more about their respective industries, though, and are receptive to offers related to webinars, seminars, conferences, and industry journal subscriptions. Because many of them hold supervisory and executive positions, they also seek training opportunities for their personnel, including distance learning and certification courses.

Office supplies, including business technology such as computers, software, and internet services, are also of interest to the professionals on this business email list. To stay connected to the office while traveling, these busy executives rely on their phones and other mobile devices. Phones, data plans, and apps are relevant to them. Travel-related offers, including frequent-flyer programs and corporate lodging offers, also get their attention.

To learn more about the Emerald Expositions Trade Show Attendees Mailing List and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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