Reach Top Technology Executives

Reach Top Technology Executives

Collectively, information and communications technologies are among the fastest-growing industries nationally and globally. As the architects of the information age, CIOs, CTOs, and other C-level technology leaders have played key roles in sustaining that growth. The ReachBase CIO/CTO Masterfile includes some of the technology sector’s most influential executives, data security officers, data analysts, and researchers at the highest tier of authority.

With more than 490,000 names, nearly 300,000 phone numbers, and over 210,000 email addresses, this multi-sourced database is derived from online and mail-order buying records, subscriber lists, professional association membership rolls, and seminar attendee rosters from some of the top publishing and hosting organizations in the nation. With this list, you can choose from an array of selects to find your ideal audience, including industry, sales volume, job title, organization size, and more.

The executives who comprise the ReachBase CIO/CTO Masterfile are more than just tech-savvy; they play an integral role in pushing the technological envelope for their organizations. They’re always on the lookout for the latest industry knowledge and welcome new sources of it such as magazine and industry journal subscriptions. As many of them supervise IT personnel, they understand the need for staff training. Give them opportunities to build a more educated workforce with offers related to certification coursework, distance learning, and workshops.

Like most executives, the influential professionals on the ReachBase CIO/CTO Masterfile tend to have significant discretionary income. They’re willing to spend on luxury travel and accommodations, high-end home and office furnishings, and especially the latest consumer technology. Home audio and theater equipment offers hold particular appeal. They don’t just use leading-edge tech both personally and professionally; they actively embrace it. Offers of mobile data plans, apps, software, and hardware are of special interest to them.

Get connected with the professionals who shape technology and guide policy for some of the country’s most successful firms when you choose the ReachBase CIO/CTO Masterfile. Talk to one of our representatives today to learn more about this list or other facets of ReachBase, the largest marketing database in the industry.

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