Reach Top Technology and General Business Professionals

Reach Top Technology and General Business Professionals

Technology has become omnipresent in the workplace. No longer confined to electronics production and repair, it’s an essential element of many industries, including medicine, aeronautics, and telecommunications. The Techni-Tool Mail Order Buyers Business Masterfile consists of decision-makers who have a common link across a spectrum of industries through the technology they use. With more than 99,000 postal addresses, this direct-response database is your connection to professionals in manufacturing, OEM/production, service & repair, and research & development.

Techni-Tool has evolved with the technology of the industries it serves. Founded in 1955 as a producer of hard-to-find hand tools, the company now provides electronic testing equipment, soldering tools and supplies, test equipment, ESD products, safety gear, tool kits, and more to tech-based industries. The professionals who comprise the Techni-Tool Mail Order Buyers Business Masterfile include engineers, hardware and software developers, healthcare equipment manufacturers, electronics manufacturing and maintenance specialists, QA/QC supervisors, plant managers, lead technicians, procurement managers, and more.

Education is essential to these professionals. Whether it’s a distance learning course, certification classes, conferences, or seminars, the decision-makers of the Techni-Tool Mail Order Buyers Business Masterfile have a keen interest in learning more. They rely on staying informed and also seek out tech journal subscriptions and newsletters related to their industries.

Although they fill a diverse collection of positions, the decision-makers who make up the Techni-Tool Buyers Masterfile share some characteristics in common. Their work requires attention to detail, and they look for products and services that help them maintain high quality. Offers related to industry-specific calculators, productivity software, safety equipment, and monitoring tools are particularly useful to them.

Engineers, telecommunications specialists, researchers, and other professionals typically feel at ease with technology at work and at home, and the decision-makers on the Techni-Tool Mail Order Buyers Business Masterfile are no exception. They’re open to learning more about data plans, consumer electronics, mobile devices, and apps. Software developers and game development professionals in the Masterfile also welcome offers related to electronic entertainment, including computer and console games, high-end audio equipment, and computer components for building custom gaming systems.

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