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As the population ages and new treatments become available to improve health outcomes, pharmaceutical manufacturing is poised to become a significant growth industry. Reach Marketing puts you in touch with industry leaders through the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List. With more than 52,000 postal addresses, 36,700 phone numbers, and over 17,000 email addresses, this business mailing list connects you directly with today’s most influential pharmaceutical industry leaders via the channels they use most.

C-level executives in pharmaceutical manufacturing, business owners, pharmaceutical data analysts, researchers, QA/QC managers, and other decision-makers in this burgeoning biotechnology sector turn to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine to stay informed. Published monthly, the Putman Media masthead offers in-depth feature articles, product reviews, technology news, compliance information, and other information that keeps manufacturing decision-makers at the forefront of an increasingly complex industry.

Professionals in pharmaceutical manufacturing value knowledge and are constantly seeking new educational opportunities for themselves and their organizations. They’re interested in offers of seminar and webinar invitations; distance learning; on-campus coursework; subscriptions to industry journals and newsletters; and trade show invitations. For supervisors and managers who are part of this business email list, training needs are a high priority. Offers related to certification and industry-specific training are of particular value.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing as an industry combines many scientific disciplines, but it also has much in common with other manufacturing industries. Reducing cycle times, managing inventory, streamlining production, and automating processes are key concerns for the professionals who are part of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List.

Offers related to technology that helps them reduce time to market for new products, improve yield, ensure worker safety, and automate production steps are useful to them. Personal protective gear, software tools that enhance efficiency, and office supplies to keep accurate records are just some of the offers they find relevant.

The professionals who comprise the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List know their work touches lives. Many of them consider their work a calling, devoting years of preparation and study to arrive at medical breakthroughs. Offers from non-profit and charitable organizations frequently align with their goals, and they respond to philanthropic fund-raising efforts.

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