Reach Top Marketing Professionals

Reach Top Marketing Professionals

Reaching marketing professionals presents a unique challenge for B2B businesses. CMOs and other highly influential marketing professionals are quick to take notice of innovative marketing – and just as quick to spot approaches that are uniquely relevant to them. With the CMO Technology News Subscriber Mailing List, Reach Marketing connects you directly with marketing professionals, advertising executives, CMOs, email marketing directors, digital marketing managers, and other influencers.

CMO Technology News reaches marketing professionals with the latest news in technology and digital marketing trends. In-depth articles, product reviews, and to-the-minute industry data give influences the knowledge they need to achieve professional and personal goals. This business mailing list is composed of more than 131,000 postal addresses and phone numbers and over 96,000 email addresses in a highly selectable format, allowing you to choose the audience that aligns with your message by company size, industry type, job title, and more.

Marketing professionals are increasingly reliant on technology in every aspect of their work. They are always on the lookout for products and services that give them a competitive edge, including marketing automation technology, email service providers, digital advertising tech, business intelligence, database services, and CRM. They also need a thorough understanding of the technology they use and welcome offers related to training and certification, both for themselves and their staff. Webinars, trade shows, and conferences also hold particular appeal.

Marketers must also stay in constant contact and are avid users of the latest in communications technology. Smartphones and phone plans, apps, and connectivity solutions help them meet the challenges they encounter in their work. Design tools that help them turn their concepts into content, packaging, and displays are also of interest to them. Design and printing services, including promotional and direct mail materials, are relevant offers for many of the marketing professionals who are part of the CMO Technology News Subscriber Mailing List.

To connect with the top marketers on this business mailing list, contact Reach Marketing today and discover how to reach influential professionals directly.

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