Reach Top Jewelry Professionals in the Retail Industry

Reach top Jewelry Professionals in the Retail Industry

The art of crafting jewelry is as old as humanity itself, yet as new as the latest technological innovation. National Jeweler publication speaks to the professionals who make, distribute, and sell jewelry, including lapidaries, gem dealers, jewelers, designers, watchmakers, wholesalers, business owners, and C-level executives in jewelry manufacturing and distribution. With the National Jeweler Magazine Business Mailing List, you connect with these professionals. This business email list contains more than 84,000 names, 57,000 phone numbers, and 28,000 email addresses to put you in touch with industry leaders in jewelry manufacturing, supply, and sales.

Since 1906, jewelers, designers, and gem-cutters have looked to Jewelers of America’s flagship publication National Jeweler for inspiration and business knowledge. The trade journal brings together the largest community of jewelry professionals, offering them in-depth articles, overviews of the latest trends, insight into new techniques, timely blog posts, and information about conferences. From some of the largest retailers to independent designers, National Jeweler attracts a diverse and influential readership.

Although jewelry manufacturing is ancient, the techniques used to produce it are at the leading edge of technology. To maintain their technological edge, designers, manufacturers, and distributors look for innovative products and materials. They’re receptive to offers relating to jewelry findings; cut and raw gemstones; metals and minerals; jewelry-making tools; polishing equipment; and other tools of the trade. To transform their ideas from design into reality, jewelry professionals rely on a wide array of tools. Art supplies, sculpting tools, and raw materials such as casting wax are essential to the craft.

Jewelry design, manufacturing, and distribution are business ventures, not just an art form. Offers of design software, productivity tools, accounting, legal, and other business-related products and services get their attention. Certification and distance learning opportunities also garner a positive response from the professionals who comprise the National Jeweler Magazine Business Mailing List. Trade show and conference invitations, webinar offers, and industry journal subscriptions appeal to the influencers on this business email list as well.

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