Reach Top Fundraising and Non-Profit Decision Makers

Reach Top Fundraising and Non-Profit Decision Makers

With more than 1.5 million tax-exempt organizations nationally, the non-profit sector accounts for around 10 percent of all wages and earnings paid. Non-profits are part of a multi-billion-dollar industry that encompasses everything from local organizations to those recognized throughout the world. Reach Marketing puts you in touch with the C-level executives, advisors, accountants, fundraising organizers, volunteer administrators, and other key decision-makers in the non-profit sector with the NonProfit PRO Magazine Subscriber Business Email List.

This business mailing list reaches nearly 19,000 email addresses, contains 14,000 phone numbers, and includes more than12,500 postal addresses, giving you multiple ways to connect with non-profit leaders. NAPCO’s NonProfit PRO Magazine, formerly Fundraising Success, has helped thousands of non-profit organizations exceed their goals with insightful articles, peer reviews, and expert tips for success.

Non-profit organizations are diverse, and so are the segments into which the NonProfit PRO Magazine Subscriber Business Email List is divided. This highly selectable business email list lets you choose your audience by annual budget, fundraising type, job function, primary mission, geographical location, organization size, and more. With more accurate market segmentation, you achieve higher relevance with the professionals who align most closely with your message.

The professionals who work for non-profit organizations tend to be highly educated and value education in their personnel. Training and certification opportunities are of particular interest to them. Trade journals and magazine subscriptions keep them up to date on the latest news that affects their organizations, and they welcome these offers. They also understand the value of networking and seek ways to connect with others in their own area of interest as well as those that intersect with it. Invitations to webinars, seminars, and conferences offer important networking opportunities.

The leaders who are a part of the NonProfit PRO Magazine Subscriber Business Email List also seek opportunities for personal and professional growth through travel. Depending on the nature of their work, they may travel frequently to areas that are farther from the beaten path than many executives. They welcome accommodation and transportation options that fit their wide-ranging travel needs.

Non-profit organizations use the same business technology and office essentials that any company needs to thrive. Offers related to office equipment, desktop and laptop technology, mobile solutions, productivity software, accounting software, and business services reach a motivated audience on this business mailing list. Promotional items also feature in many non-profit organizations’ plans. Printing and distribution of brochures, T-shirts, and other promotional materials are of interest here.

To learn more, talk to one of Reach Marketing’s list management team about the NonProfit PRO Magazine Subscriber Business Email List.

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