Reach Top Electronics and Technology Decision-Makers

Reach Top Electronics and Technology Decision-Makers

Technology in all its forms has transformed industry after industry. With such sweeping changes affecting thousands of businesses, the tech leaders who are responsible for the construction, installation, and integration of technology play a critical role in their organizations’ future development. Technology Integrator Magazine serves CIOs, systems integration managers, custom electronics retailers, installation consultants, project managers, and other influential TCI professionals by giving them the knowledge they need to build tomorrow’s tech infrastructure.

Managed by Reach Marketing, the Technology Integrator Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List connects you to more than 18,000 of the professionals at the apex of tech integration today. With 18,100 phone numbers and more than 16,500 email addresses, this list is also highly selectable, allowing you to choose your audience segments by company size, SIC code, geographical location, and other options.

Part of the NAPCO Media family of publications, Technology Integrator Magazine gives professionals in the integration sector insightful articles, in-depth reports, quality reviews, and thought-provoking editorials each month.

Technology is more than a career for the thought leaders who comprise the Technology Integrator Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List; it’s a passion. That enthusiasm extends to both the personal and professional spheres, and they welcome offers related to mobile devices, telecommunication services, consumer electronics, and more.

Their drive for education is as keen as their interest in technology, and the two often go hand in hand for these well-educated professionals. All learning opportunities, including on-campus continuing education, distance learning, certification programs, seminars, webinars, and conferences, get their attention. Nor is their interest confined to technological pursuits; these decision-makers also look farther afield for knowledge, welcoming offers of foreign language learning and off-campus coursework.

Consultants, custom electronics retailers, and integration managers must sometimes travel to where they’re most needed. They look for luxury accommodations, corporate vehicle rentals, and frequent-traveler offers to streamline their travel process. When they are in the office, these busy professionals also make key decisions about purchasing office furniture and supplies, equipment, and productivity tools.

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