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The go-betweens who link executive decision-makers and vendors, buyers and procurement professionals fulfill an essential role in a wide range of B2B businesses. Their input carries considerable weight when making buying decisions, which makes them vital contacts for marketers. The ReachBase Buyer/Procurement/Purchasing Professionals Mailing List puts you in touch with buyers, procurement managers, purchasing directors, and c-level executives.

With more than 515,000 mailing addresses and 220,000 email addresses, this business mailing list includes professionals from an array of industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, IT, engineering, healthcare, construction, and more. As a part of ReachBase, our database of more than 73 million names, the list undergoes the same rigorous verification and data hygiene processes that ensure high deliverability and excellent alignment with your market.

Purchasing and procurement managers are meticulous in their decision-making. They value tools and technology that help them deliver consistent stock whether their companies build air conditioners or aircraft carriers. Software and hardware designed with the procurement market in mind are of particular interest to them. As the mobile marketplace has grown, so has their need to communicate with vendors and clients; they are interested in offers related to data plans, mobile apps, and mobile devices that keep them plugged in whether they’re in the office or on a work site.

Procurement managers need skilled personnel, and the more sophisticated their field, the more highly trained their staff must be. Educational offers, including distance learning opportunities, training courses, professional certification, and on-campus classes, ensure that their employees get the knowledge they need. Trade shows and conferences are also of interest to them, and they pay attention to event invitations for themselves and their team.

Other offers that are relevant to the decision-makers on this business email list include office furniture, general business supplies, trade journal subscriptions, newsletters, and industry-specific technology and equipment.

To learn more about the ReachBase Buyer/Procurement/Purchasing Professionals Mailing List and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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