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Plastics and polymers have become integral to almost every aspect of modern life. Everything from the food we eat to the cars we drive to the technology that makes our work possible is related to plastics in some way. Plastics News from Crain Communications reaches the most influential professionals in every aspect of the global plastics industry, including c-level executives, production managers, R&D supervisors, materials engineers, purchasing managers, QA/QC supervisors, automation process engineers, and others. With nearly 75,000 email addresses, 39,000 postal addresses, and 36,000 phone numbers, the Plastics News Newspaper Subscriber Business Email List from Reach Marketing puts you in touch with these decision-makers.

Plastics News offers the professionals who read it insight into their diverse and ever-changing industry, giving them a competitive edge and helping them achieve their goals. From in-depth articles on materials science to hot-button issues in the plastics and polymer industry to thought-provoking editorials, Plastics News offers an online source of essential information.

The professionals who comprise the Plastics News Newspaper Subscriber Business Email List are as diverse as the roles their versatile products fill. To reach your intended audience with the most relevant message, this business email list is clearly divided into market segments along well-defined demographic and firmographic lines. Reach your desired audience by selecting them according to overall sales volume, business type, company size, geographic location, job title, and more.

The decision-makers involved in this high-tech sector are often plugged into other technology in their personal and professional lives. They’re receptive to offers related to the latest tech, including computer equipment, software, productivity tools, and web development. They rely on mobile technology to stay connected and are interested in offers of mobile devices and plans as well.

As in other high-tech fields, education is a top priority for the professionals who make up the Plastics News Newspaper Subscriber Business Email List. Not only are they keenly interested in increasing their own knowledge through seminars, conferences and trade shows, but they also have personnel to train. Certification and continuing education courses that prepare their workforce for the challenges of their industry are of particular interest to these leaders.

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