Reach Top Business Executives

Reach Top Business Executives

From healthcare to food production, automotive to aerospace, plastics are an integral part of virtually every other industry. The most competitive company owners, c-level executives, production managers, research and development leaders, design engineers, and QA/QC supervisors in the plastics industry rely on Plastics News from Crain Communications to maintain their edge and stay on top of a constantly evolving industry. Reach Marketing brings the Plastics News Newspaper Subscriber Business Email List to you, enabling you to connect with these industry leaders with nearly 75,000 email addresses, 36,000 phone numbers, and more than 39,000 phone numbers.

Plastics News is published weekly and covers the global plastics industry from diverse perspectives with a focus on North American manufacturers. Insightful articles, interviews, product reviews, and market-related news ensure that the professionals who read it stay on top of a highly competitive industry. Plastics News reaches decision-makers in multiple roles within the plastics sector, including custom fabricators; resin and additive manufacturers; mold, tool, and die makers; automation process engineers; development and design engineers; and recyclable product manufacturers.

The Plastics News Newspaper Subscriber Business Email List contains data on the plastics industry’s most influential professionals. This selectable business mailing list lets you choose the professionals whose interests align with your message by demographic and firmographic segments such as industry type, business size, job title, company income, and location. When you talk directly to the decision-makers, your marketing message makes a more significant impact.

The professionals who comprise the Plastics News Newspaper Subscriber Business Email List are highly conversant with technology in both their personal and professional lives. They’re interested in offers that relate to productivity software, computer hardware, and mobile technology that helps them stay connected, including mobile plans and devices. In their supervisory roles, they also look for technological solutions for training and educating their personnel. Magazine and trade journal subscriptions are particularly relevant to them.

Communication is key to professionals in the plastics industry. Keep them connected with other industry leaders via invitations to seminars, webinars, and tradeshows. The decision-makers who are part of the Plastics News Newspaper Subscriber Business Email List also welcome offers related to corporate travel and accommodations.

To learn more about the Plastics News Newspaper Subscriber Business Email List or other Crain Communications business email lists from Reach Marketing, talk to one of our list managers today and discover how to connect with the industry’s most influential people.

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