Reach Top Business Decision-Makers

Reach Top Business Decision-Makers

Non-profit organizations are thriving, and their mission statements are more diverse than ever. According to NonProfit PRO, a new generation is moving into leadership roles within the non-profit industry and actively working toward change. To achieve their goals, non-profit leaders rely on forging connections with other professionals. With the ReachBase Non-Profit Professionals Mailing List, you gain access to more than 2.17 million business addresses, nearly 1.6 million phone numbers, and 930,000 email addresses of the most influential decision-makers in the non-profit sector.

This dynamic, multi-channel business mailing list includes C-level executives, marketing directors, IT managers, financial planners, campaign managers, volunteer coordinators, and other key personnel involved in non-profit organizations at the highest levels. Composed of data from tradeshow attendee lists, journal subscriptions, newsletter subscriptions, and other high-value sources, the ReachBase Non-Profit Professionals Mailing List is also highly selectable. Choose your desired market by business type, organization size, SIC code, job title, geographical location, volume, multi-buyer status, and other select segments to ensure a good fit for your message.

Participation in non-profit organizations is higher both within the organization and among donors, say thought leaders interviewed for NonProfit PRO. As competition for the attention of donors and for top talent becomes stiffer, non-profits must stay current. Reading trade journals and mission-specific periodicals gives them greater insight into how they can meet their goals. They welcome offers of magazine and journal subscriptions as well as other educational materials that can keep their organizations running smoothly. Training their workforce, many of whom may be volunteers, economically and effectively is also a top priority for non-profit professionals; they’re interested in certification and educational opportunities for their staff.

Non-profit businesses are still businesses, and they often need the same essentials that complete any office. Supplies, office furniture, and other corporate necessities are useful to non-profit professionals too. Software and hardware tools to track donations, maintain donor records, and coordinate marketing efforts are of particular interest to NPOs and the professionals who run them. Keeping in touch with others, both within the organization and outside it, is a mission-critical priority for non-profits, so offers related to mobile technology, digital communications, and data maintenance are especially attractive.

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