Reach Top Business Decision-Makers

Reach Top Business Decision-Makers

Gaining access to the decision-makers in your industry is a mission-critical sales goal. When you speak directly to influencers at the apex of the corporate hierarchy, your message has a more significant impact. The NAPCO Media Corporate Management Database, available through Reach Marketing, connects you to c-level executives, business owners, and other key management personnel across a wide range of publishing, marketing, and retail industries. This business mailing list contains more than 271,000 postal addresses, nearly 250,000 phone numbers, and 80,000 email addresses.

NAPCO Media publishes an extensive portfolio of industry journals and magazines for leaders in the printing, publishing, promotions, marketing, and consumer tech sectors. Offering insightful articles, timely news, and in-depth reports, NAPCO mastheads include NonProfit PRO, Promo Marketing, Print + Promo, Printing Impressions, Total Retail, Book Business, Publishing Executive, Target Marketing, Dealerscope, and more. The organization also hosts multiple events to bring innovative products and services to market.

The NAPCO Media Corporate Management Database is highly selectable, giving you the opportunity to speak to receptive market segments based on company size, location, sales volume, industry type, job function, and other demographic and firmographic categories. Through selects, you and your list manager work as partners to find the best fit for your offer.

The professionals who comprise the NAPCO Media Corporate Management Database look for new ways to achieve personal and corporate growth. These executives have the highest degree of purchasing power, often giving final approval for a buy. To inform their decision-making, they welcome additional sources of knowledge, including magazine and journal subscriptions; distance learning opportunities; management seminars; and more. As leaders within their organizations, they often seek additional training for their staff through offers related to certification and degree programs.

As executives, the professionals who are part of the NAPCO Media Corporate Management Database often have significant discretionary income. Financial planning services are an area of keen interest to them both personally and professionally. They also respond to offers related to business and leisure travel, including executive and frequent-traveler plans. When they’re on the move, they need to stay in touch with the home office; data plans, mobile devices, and connectivity tools help make it happen. Tech-related offers hold appeal to these busy professionals, allowing them to stay connected as they travel.

Technology also plays an important role in their work, and they are always on the lookout for productivity apps to gain an edge. Industry-specific hardware and software, including die-cutters, metal fabrication, automation process management tools, printers, and other equipment are also of interest to them.

To learn more about the NAPCO Media Corporate Management Database or any of Reach Marketing’s other NAPCO Media lists, talk to a list manager today.

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