Reach Top Book Publishing Decision-Makers

Reach Top Book Publishing Decision-Makers

Publishing, whether in the form of e-books or physical volumes, remains a growth industry. The people who produce content – publishers, editorial management personnel, production supervisors, IT leaders, owners of independent publishers, creative services experts, and C-level executives in the publishing industry – are more important than ever to an increasingly information-driven workforce. The Book Business Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List from NAPCO Media and managed by Reach Marketing connects you to these key decision-makers in the publishing industry.

With more than 17,000 email addresses, 6,200 postal addresses, and nearly 6,000 phone numbers, the Book Business Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List contains the vital data of some of the most influential professionals in the publishing sector. They read Book Business magazine to learn about the latest in business management, technology, print production and automation, editorial insights, marketing, and sales. Few industries have undergone as rapid a transformation as the publishing industry, and Book Business magazine helps these professionals stay informed so they can maintain their edge.

Since it was established as Book Tech: the Magazine in 1998, Book Business has served as the premier source for publishing intelligence. As part of NAPCO Media’s portfolio of industry and trade journals, the magazine reaches some of the most influential leaders in printing, promotional marketing, and publishing.

The publishing business is an increasingly tech-centric one. From e-books to desktop publishing, technology is central to what many publishers do. These influencers embrace new technology both personally and professionally, welcoming offers related to productivity software, mobile apps, website publishing, marketing technology, and other tech tools. This business email list connects you with professionals who must stay connected themselves, so pique their interest with phone and data plans that help them stay in the loop.

In their ever-changing industry, the leaders who comprise the Book Business Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List must stay current. They welcome opportunities to learn and network with other industry leaders at seminars, webinars, and trade shows. They read as well as publish and are keenly interested in offers of newsletter and trade journal subscriptions. Educational opportunities in the form of webinars, white papers, and managerial workshops get their attention too.

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