Reach Subscribers and Bookbuyers in the Social Sciences and Law Fields

Reach Subscribers and Bookbuyers in the Social Sciences and Law Fields

If knowledge is power, then the reference works that act as repositories of knowledge are especially potent. The Civic Research Institute, a provider of reference publications across a wide spectrum of industries, gives professionals in numerous fields the power to make informed decisions in every aspect of their work. Reach Marketing connects you with these influential professionals with the Civic Research Institute Subscribers and Bookbuyers Masterfile.

This highly selectable business mailing list contains more than 17,000 postal addresses, nearly 15,000 phone numbers, and 2,500 email addresses. Within the Masterfile, you’ll find c-level executives, business owners, attorneys, criminal justice professionals, healthcare providers, financial advisors, social service consultants, higher education leaders, and more.

CRI’s reference materials include white papers, books, newsletters, industry journals, and monographs that give decision-makers considerable insight into their chosen fields. With selects, you can pick the audience that best fits your offer by industry type, job title, business size, and other essential demographic and firmographic characteristics.

The professionals who comprise the Civic Research Institute Subscribers and Bookbuyers Masterfile are highly educated and always on the lookout for more knowledge. They welcome offers related to journal and magazine subscriptions, newspapers, on-campus courses, distance learning, webinars, seminars, and conferences. Educational materials and support, including textbooks and recorded materials, are also of interest. As leaders and employers in their own fields, these professionals are often in charge of hiring and respond well to certification and ongoing education for their personnel.

Technology-related offers also capture their attention on both a professional and a personal level. Productivity and organizational software offers are often useful to them. Mobile devices, including e-readers, tablets, and phones, help these busy professionals stay connected. At the office, desktop computers, laptops, software, and hardware help keep their organizations running smoothly; offers that enhance productivity and streamline work-flows are useful to them.

Learn more about the Civic Research Institute Subscribers and Bookbuyers Masterfile today by calling Reach Marketing and speaking to one of our list managers.

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