Reach Professionals in the Senior Living Industry

Reach Professionals in the Senior Living Industry

Thousands of Americans retire each day, and as Baby Boomers age out of the workplace, the number of retirees is poised to grow. Environments for Aging Magazine from Emerald Expositions takes a closer look at the unique challenges an aging population faces and offers environmental solutions at every level. To put you in touch with some of the most influential professionals in elder care, assisted living, architecture and design, Reach Marketing works with Emerald Expositions to bring you the Environments for Aging Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List.

Composed of independent living and senior care facility directors, elder care coordinators, architects, interior designers, and facility planners, this business mailing list features nearly 35,000 business addresses, more than 26,500 phone numbers, and over 18,000 email addresses to connect you directly with decision-makers in this growth market. The highly selectable list also allows you to choose your audience by geographical location, business type, business size, and more.

Environments for Aging Magazine focuses on safety enhancements, accessibility, and comfort in the context of senior living. From insightful feature articles on design philosophy to practical articles on space design, the magazine provides an in-depth look at creating supportive environments for an older population. The professionals who make up this business email list are avid learners who actively seek new educational opportunities, including journal and magazine subscriptions; seminars and webinars; and conferences and trade shows.

Offers that resonate with the decision-makers on the Environments for Aging Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List include office supplies, scheduling software, productivity tools, furniture, mobility equipment, construction materials, and design tools. Technology-related offers, including phone plans, mobile devices, telemetry and other specialized monitoring systems, provide important solutions to these professionals.

Connect with the decision-makers who play key roles in designing spaces for seniors by contacting Reach Marketing about the Environments for Aging Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List today.

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