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Like B2B marketers, fundraising organizations also rely on technology to understand more about their audiences, generate leads, and gather data. Founders, organizers, and administrators of non-profits; C-level executives; campaign managers for political and philanthropic organizations; senior fundraisers; and other professionals in the not-for-profit sector turn to Fundraising Technology News to stay current.

Fundraising Technology NewsThese decision-makers comprise the Fundraising Technology News Subscriber Business Mailing List offered by Reach Marketing. With more than 10,000 postal addresses, 9,000 phone numbers, and nearly 13,000 email addresses, this business email list connects you with some of the most influential professionals in non-profit business today. Contact leaders in fundraising directly and choose your market based on select categories such as industry type, organization size, annual income, and more.

The thought leaders who are part of this business email list are also in charge of making key buying decisions. They respond well to offers that make their decision-making easier and allow them to attract top talent, including financial services, employee benefits, productivity tools, and HR software. Technological solutions for audience development are also of particular interest for them.

Education is vital to non-profits, both within the organization and among its potential donors. The professionals who are part of the Fundraising Technology News Subscriber Business Mailing List are always seeking new training materials for their personnel, including trade journals, newsletters, and distance learning courses. Products and services designed to educate others are also key components of their work; printing, promotional items, and brochures are essential for non-profit organizations.

For fundraising professionals, communication is key. They turn to technology to stay in touch with their donors, and they are often on the lookout for better data plans, the latest smart phones, and mobile devices that keep them connected at all times. Offers related to products and services that simplify client connections are welcome.

To learn more about the Fundraising Technology News Subscriber Mailing List and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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