Reach Marketing Wins List Management of Hearst Electronic Products

PEARL RIVER, N.Y. — Reach Marketing has earned exclusive list management of Hearst Business Media’s flagship magazine, Electronic Products, and of the Hearst Electronics  Group Masterfile. These lists were previously managed by Infogroup. The Electronic Products Subscriber File contains 107,832 postal addresses, 106,436 phones and 68,788 email addresses. It includes design and development engineers within 60,000 manufacturing plants.

The Hearst Electronics Group’s Masterfile contains 410,867 postal addresses, 274,456 phones and 388,194 email addresses of design and development engineers and other electronics industry professionals from Hearst’s online database and Electronic Products.

For more than half a century, Electronic Products has given electronics engineers information about the latest technological advances, applications, product architecture, technology news and advances in energy efficiency. In an industry ruled by change, the magazine has remained a touchstone for professionals seeking news and important developments with electronic technology products.

Hearst Business Media, a division of Hearst Corporation, focuses on business-to-business information delivery for decision-makers in the finance, pharmaceutical and automotive industries as well as electronics engineering. The company’s publications supply industry leaders with relevant product knowledge and time-sensitive information about prices and updates.

Reach Partner Greg Grdodian welcomed the opportunity to manage the Hearst Electronics Group Masterfile and Electronic Products subscriber list. “Hearst is one of the most prestigious names in publishing, and Electronic Products is one of the premier publications for Design & Development Engineering and electronics professionals. They have a captive readership that responds extremely well to business offers.”

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View HEG Masterfile Datacard

For further information on the Electronic Products Subscriber File, the HEG Masterfile, or Reach Marketing’s list management services, contact Geffrey Gardner at 845.201.5331 or

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