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Reach Manufacturing Engineering Professionals

Even in a digital world, the demand for skilled manufacturing engineers continues to grow. Manufacturing positions are returning to the U.S., including those at the top such as C-level executives, automation process engineers, product development managers, QA/QC supervisors, and analysts. Manufacturing Engineering Magazine reaches these influential decision-makers in the manufacturing sector. The Manufacturing Engineering Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List offered through Reach Marketing connects you with them via more than 63,500 postal addresses, 60,000 phone numbers, and almost 33,000 email addresses.

The publisher of Manufacturing Engineering Magazine, SME began in 1932 as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and grew to encompass leading-edge technology in a spectrum of industries, including metallurgy and metal fabrication; automation; electrical and electronic equipment; instrumentation; transportation equipment; and numerous other manufacturing industries. SME fosters professional growth in the manufacturing industry with events, multi-media training opportunities, an educational foundation, and its flagship magazine. Manufacturing Engineering Magazine has featured insightful editorials, news, and in-depth articles on everything from additive manufacturing and the latest advances in 3D printing to developments in robotics and hardware.

The professionals who make up the Manufacturing Engineering Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List are extremely knowledgeable about technology on both a personal and a professional level. Their familiarity with tech topics makes them receptive to offers related to consumer electronics, including state-of-the-art communications technology, mobile plans, internet providers, and the latest devices. On a professional level, they rely on technology to gain an edge over their competition and look for productivity tools and training that can give them that advantage.

Training personnel is a primary concern for manufacturing engineers in management positions. Extend invitations to trade shows, seminars, and distance learning opportunities that can polish their workers’ skills. Certification courses and training workshops that sharpen their personnel’s abilities are met with interest. They also welcome e-newsletter, trade journal, and magazine subscriptions that keep them and their staff current on the latest industry news.

Manufacturing engineers are well compensated for their in-demand skills and often have significant discretionary income. Get their attention with offers of high-end products from furniture to clothing to travel, particularly corporate travel as many of the decision-makers on the Manufacturing Engineering Magazine Subscriber Business Mailing List work for large organizations and frequently visit regional and national branches.

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