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The Progressive Physician
The healthcare sector is one of the largest employers in the nation, and it’s poised for burgeoning growth over the next decade. Published by PMG360, Progressive Physician supplies medical professionals, clinicians, c-level executives, medical center administrators, and other decision-makers in small and mid-sized medical facilities with the knowledge they need. Reach Marketing connects you with these busy medical professionals and executives via the Progressive Physician Subscriber Mailing List.

With 61,000 postal addresses, more than 45,000 phone numbers, and 78,000 email addresses, this business list features verified contact information for some of the nation’s premier researchers, healthcare administrators, and medical professionals who read Progressive Physician. The digital journal offers feature articles, product reviews, and detailed advice on how to make the most of today’s medical technology for patient care and professional growth.

The professionals on the Progressive Physician Subscriber Mailing List have an enduring respect for education that continues throughout their careers. Help them stay informed about the latest medical news with magazine and journal subscription offers. They also welcome offers related to degree programs, distance learning, webinars, and conference invitations. Healthcare blogs and online publications are also useful to them as they give these busy professionals a readily accessible way to stay current.

These decision-makers have solo clinical practices or are partners in smaller medical centers; others work for hospitals and medical complexes. Depending on their work environment and practice specialty, they may need medical supplies, waiting room furniture, or specialized equipment. Medical professionals must be scrupulous about maintaining patient records and billing details. They need storage systems for records, both digital and print.

Physicians, clinic administrators, and the other medical professionals who comprise this business mailing list have high discretionary income. They’re frequent travelers to medical conferences and seminars, so they welcome offers related to luxury travel and accommodations. Many of these professionals are also passionate about charitable causes and look for opportunities to support non-profit organizations that are meaningful to them.

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