Reach Key Marketing Decision-Makers

Reach Key Marketing Decision-Makers

Marketing to top marketers presents its own special challenges. Marketing and communications professionals, including CMOs, marketing directors, database marketers, marketing automation consultants, sales managers, and other key personnel within the marketing sector, have high standards for the offers they take. With the ReachBase Marketing Professionals Mailing List, you can connect with these influential professionals using the most up-to-date contact information and verified records, ensuring they receive your message clearly.

With more than 2 million postal addresses, 1.5 million phone numbers, and over 875,000 email addresses, the ReachBase Marketing Professionals Mailing List includes data about the marketing industry’s thought leaders from a wide range of verified sources. Part of ReachBase, a database of more than 73 million prospect records, this business mailing list consists of data from trade show attendance rosters, subscriptions, newsletter sign-ups, buying histories, and more. To ensure the highest relevance, the list is also highly selectable, allowing you to choose your audience by job function, title, industry type, company size, volume, SIC code, location, and other key demographic and firmographic differentiators.

When marketing to marketers, your message has to be on point. These savvy professionals are well educated and plugged into digital media. They have a great deal of familiarity with online communications, and they rely on technology to stay connected themselves. Offers related to phone plans, devices, and peripherals to help busy marketing professionals stay connected to their companies and their clientele get their attention. They have also embraced technological solutions and welcome offers related to marketing automation; CRM systems; computer hardware and software; networking solutions; and more.

To excel personally and professionally, the decision-makers who make up the ReachBase Marketing Professionals Mailing List network with people, not just technology. They’re avid to learn more about their industry through seminars, webinars, newsletters, trade journals, and tradeshows. In looking for new opportunities to learn, they also have an interest in distance learning and certification offers, particularly if they have personnel to train.

To learn more about the ReachBase Marketing Professionals Mailing List or the thought leaders who comprise it, contact a list manager at Reach Marketing today.

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