Reach Key Manufacturing Decision-Makers

Reach Key Manufacturing Decision-Makers

Everyone eats, and if statistics are accurate, we’re doing more of our eating outside the home than ever before. When we do dine at home, it’s often on food that’s been processed and prepared for us. Food processing facilities, commissary kitchens, prepared food manufacturers, and other sectors within this burgeoning industry need information to keep quality high and reduce waste while streamlining production. To stay current in a hotly competitive climate, they read Food Processing Magazine. Reach Marketing’s Food Processing Magazine Business Subscribers List contains more than 126,000 postal addresses, 75,000 phone numbers, and 43,000 email addresses of some of the most influential people in the food processing and supply network.

Test kitchen chefs, R&D supervisors, C-level executives in food processing, plant supervisors, and food production specialists need to stay aware of the latest trends, safety standards, and flavor profiles. They get news reports, in-depth articles, and insightful editorials from experts in food and beverage processing and management in Putman Media’s Food Processing. Magazine subscribers also gain access to event registration forms and long-form downloadable content to explore the food and beverage industry’s most important topics.

Some of the largest corporations in the world are food and beverage companies; so are smaller regional and local manufacturers. That means the audience that comprises the Food Processing Magazine Business Subscribers List is a particularly varied one. A condiment manufacturer’s needs aren’t the same as a soda bottler’s, so this list is highly segmented, allowing users to choose the most relevant audience for their message. Business type, geographical location, job function, and sales volume are some of the selects available to reach precisely the right demographic and firmographic segments.

As diverse as they are, the people who make up this subscription-based list have some things in common. They prioritize safety and compliance, especially as consumers have become increasingly aware of what goes into the food on their plates and its origins. Offers that relate to food safety, including safe handling equipment, automated process development, software and hardware that manage automated systems, and production-level kitchen equipment, get their attention.

They’re also hungry for information, seeking out seminars, conferences, and trade shows that teach them new techniques or introduce them to new flavors. Taste trends make a big impact on their industry, so they want to learn about the next food fads and fashions before they happen. Magazines and industry journals that give them insight into these trends are essential to their work, making them good candidates for periodical subscriptions.

The increasing popularity of convenience foods means this segment of the food and beverage industry can be a lucrative one. Readers of Food Processing Magazine often have discretionary income to devote to leisure travel and high-end products. For many of them, travel is as much about business as pleasure; going to the French wine country to sample the flavors or on a junket throughout southeast Asia to learn where the next hot cuisine might come from is part of their work. Travel offers that align well with their interest in food and drink are of special interest to this audience.

Connect with the people who help feed the world and learn more about the Food Processing Magazine Business Subscribers List today from Reach Marketing.

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