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In the information age, few professionals play as pivotal a role as those who manage and analyze data. Tech business owners, startup founders, CIOs, IT management professionals, statisticians, researchers, data governance consultants, IT security officers, and other leaders in information management rely on Information Management Magazine from SourceMedia to stay current within an ever-changing industry. As the informed reader’s choice for industry news, insightful commentary, in-depth features, and expert reviews, Information Management Magazine keeps the decision-makers who read it knowledgeable.

The Information Management Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List from Reach Marketing puts you in touch with influencers in the tech sector, giving you access to more than 160,000 postal addresses, 128,000 phone numbers, and 116,000 email addresses. Within this clearly segmented business mailing list, you’re able to select the demographic and firmographic details that align most closely with your market, reaching professionals by business size, geographical location, industry type, SIC code, and other defining characteristics.

Talk to the industry leaders who comprise the Information Management Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List about tech solutions on the job, and you get their attention. They rely on technological innovation and more efficient ways to use existing tools to maintain their edge. These IT professionals are not only at home with technology in the workplace; they also have an affinity for it personally, seeking leading-edge tech in computers, mobile devices, audio, and entertainment. Offers related to consumer electronics as well as enterprise-level and business technology resonate with them.

Training is another key concern for the professionals on this business email list. They’re typically in charge of their IT teams and often their own businesses. Having well-trained personnel who can harness the power of the technology they use is essential to their personal and organizational success. Certification courses and distance learning help these professionals build a more capable workforce. Seminars, webinars, trade journals, conferences, and tradeshows are also educational opportunities worth exploring.

To discover more about the Information Management Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List or the tech professionals who are part of it, talk to one of our list management team members today.

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