Reach Key IT and Healthcare Management Professionals

Reach Key IT and Healthcare Management Professionals

Information technology has transformed the healthcare industry, giving medical professionals a wealth of information. From improving care at the level of individual patients to big-data applications that give researchers deep insight into whole communities, data now plays a critical role. The Health Data Management Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List from SourceMedia and managed by Reach Marketing puts you in touch with healthcare professionals who are plugged into the latest information technology solutions.

Featuring nearly 150,000 postal addresses, more than 126,000 phone numbers, and 74,500 email addresses, this business mailing list includes decision-makers in a range of healthcare roles. Hospital and clinic administrators, boards of directors, senior hospital executives, general administration, clinicians, group practice administrators, health insurance providers, managed care providers, physicians, home care professionals, pharmacists, and more are a part of the Health Data Management Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List. This database is also highly selectable, allowing you to choose the demographic and firmographic profiles that most closely align with your message.

Health Data Management magazine from SourceMedia publications has given professionals in the health care and health insurance sectors the in-depth analysis and informed perspectives they need to make vital decisions in a competitive market. Written and staffed by journalists with experience in the health care sector, the magazine has provided decision-makers with IT knowledge for 15 years.

The professionals who comprise this business email list tend to be avid lifelong learners. They are passionately committed to excellence and look for new ways to increase their knowledge through magazine and journal subscriptions, seminars, conferences, and webinars. Educational offers, including on-site and distance learning opportunities, have considerable appeal to them. As many are also in supervisory and managerial positions, they also seek opportunities for their personnel and respond to offers of certification and training courses.

Technological solutions for data storage, retrieval, and security are mission-critical for these professionals. Tech-savvy in their professional lives, these influencers also embrace technology on a personal level. Computer hardware and software, productivity tools, mobile devices, apps, phone plans, and ISP upgrades are of particular interest.

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