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Finance professionals, including investment consultants, bank advisors, CPAs, accounting firm executives, independent advisors, RIA, and investment brokers, rely on getting the latest economic data to give their clientele the most accurate information they can. Volatility in finance and investment sectors make timely news essential, and these professionals subscribe to SourceMedia’s Bank Investment Consultant magazine to stay current. You can connect with these decision-makers through Reach Marketing’s Bank Investment Consultant Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List.

With more than 62,000 postal addresses, 55,700 phone numbers, and 37,000 email addresses, the Bank Investment Consultant Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List contains some of the most influential and knowledgeable professionals in finance today. This highly selectable list allows you to pinpoint your audience according to firm and asset size, geography, services provided, industry type, job title, and more. As a subscriber-based list, the information in the Bank Investment Consultant Magazine database is regularly updated for optimal deliverability to ensure your message reaches these decision-makers.

SourceMedia has published Bank Investment Consultant since the early 1990s to give independent financial advisors as well as those based in banks a one-stop source for feature-length articles, in-depth reports, and thoughtful opinion pieces on topics important to finance professionals. Available in print and digital editions, the magazine’s online library of past articles is a vital repository of knowledge for financial decision-makers. With podcasts, webinars, and conferences to give professionals additional resources, Bank Investment Consultant has become the journal of record for the bank-based finance sector.

The influencers who are a part of the Bank Investment Consultant Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List are hungry for knowledge. They respond well to offers that relate to their professional and personal growth, including webinars and seminars, conferences, distance learning opportunities, magazine and newsletter subscriptions, and on-campus educational opportunities. Many of them hold supervisory and executive positions, and they look for training solutions and certification coursework to bring their teams up to speed.

As thought leaders in the finance sector, these professionals earn significant personal income and manage it with skill. They’re open to streamlined personal finance software solutions and time management tools that help them get the most from their wealth. Offers related to travel, office furniture, luxury home goods, and other high-end products and services are of interest to them.

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