Reach Key Decision-Makers

Reach Key Decision-Makers

As manufacturing returns stateside and insourcing becomes an attractive option for production, decision-makers in the manufacturing sector look for every advantage in an increasingly competitive industry. Advanced Manufacturing Now, published by SME and delivered to more than 29,000 of the most influential people in manufacturing and automation four times a month, helps them maintain their edge over the competition. Reach Marketing manages the Advanced Manufacturing Now Enewsletter Subscriber Business Mailing List that puts you in touch with these professionals.

This business email list contains nearly 26,000 phone numbers and over 22,000 email addresses, ensuring direct contact with C-level executives, automation process engineers, manufacturing production managers, plant supervisors, R&D engineers, QA/QC professionals, and other leaders in manufacturing today. With its focus on high-tech and next-generation production, Advanced Manufacturing Now has particular relevance for professionals within the aerospace, defense, motorized transportation, bioengineering, medical, and energy industries. The list is also highly selectable, allowing you to choose your audience based on job title, technical field, organization size, SIC code, and more.

Although they belong to a diverse array of industries, the professionals who make up the Advanced Manufacturing Now Enewsletter Subscriber Business Mailing List share an aptitude for and interest in technology. They welcome offers related to new technology itself, including computer software, hardware, and mobile apps, as well as educational opportunities that teach them and their personnel how to use the latest tech. Certification coursework and distance learning opportunities are especially valuable for managers who have staff members to train in advanced manufacturing techniques.

Trade shows are also of particular interest to the professionals on this business mailing list as they’re always seeking new ways to increase product quality, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. Professional journals and magazine subscriptions have high appeal; offer these professionals more ways to stay current with the latest news in their industry, and you have their attention. Networking with other professionals in aerospace, transportation, medical engineering, and other advanced manufacturing fields is important to them, so seminar and conference invitations pique their interest.

Although the concepts underlying advanced manufacturing may be abstract, the manufacturing process itself is concrete. Offers related to supplying raw materials, carrying out additional processing, and distribution are welcome to professionals on the Advanced Manufacturing Now Enewsletter Subscriber Business Mailing List. Personal safety equipment and tools for manufacturing specialized products are also useful.

To learn more about the professionals on the Advanced Manufacturing Now Enewsletter Subscriber Business Mailing List, contact a list manager at Reach Marketing today.

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