Reach Key Decision-Makers in the Transportation Infrastructure Sector

America has over 4 million miles of highways, roads, and bridges, so it’s no wonder that adding onto and maintaining that essential infrastructure is a high priority. The professionals who design and build these roads get their news from Roads & Bridges magazine, a monthly journal that gives them the industry news they need to make decisions that influence how millions of us reach our destinations.

Reach Marketing brings you the Roads & Bridges Subscriber Business Mailing List to connect you with the civil engineers, transportation architects, city planners, urban development directors, on-site managers, equipment buyers, government contractors, private employers, and other professionals who play essential roles in transportation infrastructure. With more than 126,000 postal addresses, 121,000 phone numbers, and 42,500 email addresses, this business mailing list is also highly selectable, allowing you to find the industry leaders you want to reach.

Part of the Scranton Gillette portfolio of trade journals of record, Roads & Bridges magazine has provided the engineers and architects who build the nation’s infrastructure with insight for more than a century. From in-depth articles to product and material reviews, the magazine features the latest industry news for transportation professionals.

Engineering and technology are at the core of building and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure, and the leaders who are part of this business email list welcome new opportunities to learn. Offers of continuing education, including distance learning, on-site training, and certification courses, are relevant to them.

As executives and supervisors, many of the professionals who comprise the Roads & Bridges Subscriber Business Mailing List have ongoing training needs; they seek innovative ways to prepare new personnel for careers in infrastructure management, including journal subscriptions, seminars, and trade shows. The influencers who help build the nation’s infrastructure also use it frequently, traveling often for business or leisure. Offers related to travel, including rental vehicles, lodging, and corporate travel packages, are of interest.

To build and maintain the country’s infrastructure, designers and construction engineers need the appropriate tools for the job. Equipment rental and purchase; raw and processed materials; personal safety equipment; and support services are just a few of the needs a worksite must meet. B2B businesses that supply equipment or materials get substantial response rates from this business mailing list. Technology, including mobile plans, mobile devices, and apps, are also useful to these professionals who are often on the move or at a construction site.

To learn more about the Roads & Bridges Subscriber Business Mailing List and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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