Reach Key Decision-Makers in the Rubber & Plastics Industry

From toys to technology to vital medical equipment, rubber and plastics have become indispensable building materials of modern life. Business owners, c-level executives, tire manufacturers, chemical engineers, plant managers, researchers, and other professionals in the plastics industry read the weekly Rubber & Plastics News from Crain Communications to stay informed.

Connect with these business leaders via the Rubber & Plastics News Subscribers Business Mailing List from Reach Marketing. More than 22,700 postal addresses, 24,800 phone numbers, and over 38,000 email addresses of industry leaders in rubber and plastics make up this business mailing list.

Every week, Rubber & Plastics News brings insightful feature articles, product reviews, in-depth news coverage, and thought-provoking opinion pieces to leaders in the industry. Manufacturers of silicone, latex, and rubber products who are part of this business email list also get news of conferences and trade shows through the periodical’s calendar of events.

In a large and diverse industry, it’s important to reach precisely the right professionals. The Rubber & Plastics News Subscribers Business Mailing List is highly selectable, allowing you to choose the segment that most closely aligns with your message by business type, company size, location, job function, and more.

The professionals who are part of this business email list are always on the lookout for more knowledgeable personnel. They’re responsive to offers of training and certification for employees, employment services, and distance learning opportunities. To maintain high standards of safety, they also look for ways to protect their personnel, including safety training, personal protective equipment (PPE), and on-site safety gear.

Technology plays a key role in the plastics and rubber manufacturing sector. Decision-makers in the industry must stay connected with an extensive supply chain and expect consistent up-time from their ISPs and devices. Phone plans, data plans, apps, and peripherals that keep them in touch with suppliers and vendors are of keen interest to them. They also welcome offers related to business technology, including database management; productivity software and hardware; automation design and management; POS technology; inventory management tools; and purpose-built hardware.

To learn more about the Rubber & Plastics News Subscribers Business Mailing List and the leaders who comprise it, talk with one of our list managers today.

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