Reach Key Decision-Makers in the Legal and Business Field

Reach Key Decision-Makers in the Legal and Business Field

The legal profession is an exacting one requiring a great deal of subject knowledge. Marketing also depends on data, and the BridgeTower Media Legal Masterfile available through Reach Marketing connects you with some of the most influential professionals in the legal sector today. Comprising nearly 23,000 postal addresses, more than 20,000 phone numbers, and 16,000 email addresses, allowing you to find the most relevant channel for your message.

Attorneys, partners, legal advisers, arbitrators, and other legal professionals rely on the latest news and in-depth reporting to practice law successfully and excel at serving their clients. To stay informed, these legal professionals turn to niche periodicals that cover areas of interest in deep detail. BridgeTower Media offers a collection of online services and newspapers that address lawyers’ needs, including state-specific mastheads such as Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, North Carolina Lawyers, St. Paul Legal Ledger Capitol Report, the Wisconsin Law Journal, Minnesota Lawyer, and The Daily Record published in numerous communities nationally.

Formerly Dolan Media, BridgeTower reaches nearly more than 20 U.S. markets with 44 print and digital content channels that cover topics in legal, financial, and government affairs.

The professionals who are part of the BridgeTower Media Legal Masterfile are highly educated and have an abiding respect for education. They actively seek continuing education opportunities and welcome invitations to conferences, distance-learning classes, and seminars. As many are partners, preparing personnel for the challenges of busy law offices is also a high priority, making this business email list a versatile one for offers related to paralegal training and certification.

These affluent legal professionals frequently travel, both for business and for leisure. They look for corporate and luxury accommodations, travel packages, frequent-traveler memberships, and resort destinations that are off the beaten path. When traveling on business, they typically stay in close contact with their offices, making reliable communication a must. Mobile phone plans, smartphones, tablets, and other leading-edge technology are of particular interest.

To learn more about the BridgeTower Media Legal Masterfile or any of Reach Marketing’s other B2B lists, please contact us today and start growing your market.

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