Reach Key C-Level Executives

Reach Key C-Level Executives

Business never stands still. To grow, firms seek out valuable investments to merge with or acquire. Mergers & Acquisitions, the monthly magazine of record for business owners, corporate management, consultants, financial analysts, lenders, legal advisors, brokers, and C-level executives who prioritize growth, helps these influential professionals achieve their goals. The Mergers & Acquisitions Subscribers Business Mailing List offered by Reach Marketing puts you in touch with some of the most powerful professionals in the expanding middle market.

The Mergers & Acquisitions Subscribers Business Mailing List contains almost 60,000 postal addresses, more than 37,000 phone numbers, and over 28,000 email addresses of today’s most influential thought leaders in private equity firms, law offices, investment firms, banks, and corporate offices. With an array of selects, you can choose your audience by job title, industry type, geographic location, and more.

Published by SourceMedia in conjunction with the Association for Corporate Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions tracks the latest news, offers in-depth articles, features insightful editorials, and gives incisive analysis to the movers and shakers of the corporate world.

The professionals who make up the Mergers & Acquisitions Subscribers Business Mailing List value business insights in every form. They subscribe to industry journals and other magazines, welcoming offers that promise to give them an edge in an increasingly competitive sector. They also attend webinars and seminars that give them a greater understanding of a complex field. Because many of them are in executive and supervisory positions, these professionals also look for ways to keep the people around them well-informed through webinars, seminars, and certification coursework.

The decision-makers on the Mergers & Acquisitions Subscribers Business Mailing List are well compensated for their expertise and typically hold high-wealth positions within their organizations. High-end products and services, including luxury accommodations and travel to international destinations, are of interest to them. Many also travel for business frequently and welcome offers related to corporate and executive travel.

To learn more about the Mergers & Acquisitions Subscribers Business Mailing List and the influential executives, advisors, and other professionals who comprise it, contact Gerard Petrocelli today.

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