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From big-data applications that provide accurate predictive analytics to AI virtual assistants, technology has transformed the insurance industry. To gain insight into how technology supports insurers’ business goals and discover more about technological innovations and applications in the insurance sector, professionals read Digital Insurance Magazine from SourceMedia.

Reach Marketing puts you in touch with the corporate executives, assessors, life insurance carriers, property insurance brokers, health insurance providers, and other key decision-makers within the industry with the Digital Insurance Magazine Subscribers Business Mailing List. This list features more than 62,700 postal addresses, 56,000 phone numbers, and 32,700 email addresses.

Digital Insurance Magazine offers leaders in the insurance industry access to timely interviews, technology news, in-depth articles, and the latest tech reviews. A SourceMedia publication, the magazine is part of a portfolio of journals that provide essential news and analysis to professionals across a spectrum of industries.

Insurance professionals are increasingly reliant on technology in both their personal and professional lives. From mobile phone plans and devices to enterprise-level software and network solutions, the professionals on this business mailing list are receptive to tech-related offers. For decision-makers in the insurance sector, maintaining accurate records is vital; database services, including data storage and IT security tools, are important. Industry-specific calculators, troubleshooting tools, and other apps are also useful to them.

Education, both for themselves and their personnel, is a high priority for the professionals on this business email list. Technology-related trade shows and insurance industry conferences invitations are relevant to them. As frequent travelers to industry events, they also seek offers related to corporate travel, frequent-traveler programs, and luxury accommodations.

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