Reach Human Resource Professionals

Reach Human Resource Professionals

From HR directors and hiring managers to business owners, human resource management is a key concern for organizations of every size. To help HR professionals grow their businesses and manage their personnel, Progressive Human Resource Management offers in-depth articles, news, and opinions on every aspect of the HR sector. Reach Marketing connects you with leaders in HR with the Progressive Human Resource Management Subscriber List.

Containing 225,000 postal addresses, more than 211,000 phone numbers, and over 180,000 email addresses, this business mailing list includes decision-makers in human resources across a wide range of industries. The Progressive Human Resource Management Subscriber Mailing List lets you choose the HR professionals who align with your offers, allowing selection by industry type; business size; job function and title; SIC code; geography; and other distinct market segments. By focusing on clearly defined segments, you’re able to reach these influencers directly.

Progressive Human Resource Management gives industry leaders insight into hiring, promotion, benefits management, technology, law, and news related to HR. These educated and highly trained professionals have an avid interest in learning more about their field, responding to offers of magazine and journal subscriptions, conference invitations, seminars, and webinars. They also have significant influence on hiring and promotion; offers related to employee training and certification are therefore relevant to them.

HR professionals have become increasingly tech-savvy, relying on hardware and software tools for everything from database management to automated resume scoring. They are frequently on the lookout for tools that help them increase their department’s efficiency, improve time management, and perform sophisticated analytics. Apps, calculators, and other productivity tools that help them make decisions or reduce their workload get their attention. Technology is also important to keeping the professionals on this business email list connected, so they welcome offers of new phone and data plans, mobile devices, and communication tools.

To learn more about the Progressive Human Resource Management Subscriber List, talk to one of Reach Marketing’s list managers today.

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